Meet Skyla

Name: Skyla Khameron West

Nickname / Alias: Sky

Full birthday / Age: November 17 | 17

Significant Other: a not so best kept secret…

Kids: Nada

Background: Nothing in Skyla’s life has ever been normal. Born to two functioning drug addict parents, she’s been exposed to things that no one, let alone children, should be exposed to as early as she was. Embarrassed by her parents, Skyla tended to keep to herself until she met her best friend Kaylin in the 5th grade. Kaylin was a problem child that Skyla found herself drawn to, being that she was just as troubled as he was, and the two have been joined at the hip ever since.

There have never been any romantic feelings between the two, and the moment Skyla started coming around the Kingston household, the more she developed a crush on his older brother, Shane.
When middle school rolled around, Skyla’s parents became less functioning addicts, and chose to do the unthinkable, choosing to sell their 11 year old daughter in order to keep up with their habits.

This continued until she was 15 years old, when Kaylin finally discovered what was going on, and told his mother, whom allowed Skyla to stay at their home more often than not. She also alternated spending her nights with Cassidy, and then Shy once he and Joel had officially moved away from home.

Reputation:A level headed firecracker. At first glance Sky may come off quiet, or shy, but she’s anything but. She loves to laugh and have a good time, and is as polite as she can be until you cross her. Once you get on her bad side, there’s likely nothing that can save you from her wrath.

Likes: any shade of purple, chocolate, Indian food, animals, pineapples, make-up, heels and old bay wings.

Dislikes: scary movies

Hood: Fairlawn

Personality: Being that she’s an only child, Sky never knew the real family until she began hanging around the Kingstons. Through them, she learned the values and morals that her own sorry parents didn’t teach her. They helped her to love herself, and to also not be bitter about her home situation so that it doesn’t hold her back and weigh her down, though sometimes she gets in moods where she doesn’t want to be bothered.

Sky is bubbly and bright, and also wears her big heart on her shoulders. She’ll do anything for anyone and often puts herself last in different situations. However, don’t let her happy spirit fool you, she doesn’t bite her tongue for anybody, and has no problem telling it like it is when she sees fit.

Portrayed By: IG: @lipstick_love