Meet Shane

Name: Shane Amir Kingston

Nickname / Alias: Shy

Full birthday / Age: April 11 | 20

Significant Other: he ain’t telling..

Kids: Not one

Background: Shane started out as a happy but mischievous child that liked to harmlessly pick on others for his own enjoyment. Though he liked to have fun, Shane was always a little more quiet and less outgoing than his twin brother, Joel, who lived to be the life of the party. He grew up extremely close to his family, and enjoyed his comfortable life with his mother, father and brothers.

The good life came to a halt the moment Shy’s mom found out that his father was cheating, and his father ended up getting kicked out of the house. Things began to deteriorate, and continued until his family ended up in a homeless shelter when he was 9.

At night, King used to beg Shane to sneak out so they could find their father. Shane agreed, and eventually one night they were successful in finding him. This ended up being the biggest mistake of both Shane and King’s lives, as Marcel was strung out on heroin and tried to trade King, who was 7, to a sex trafficker for drugs. Feeling responsible because he was the oldest, Shane offered himself up instead of King, resulting in a two week disappearance that to this day he won’t speak about.

After a period of recovery, Shane became more normal, but less like his old self. Unbeknownst to his family members, he took pleasure in harming other people to soothe the demons from his past, something that he’s continued up until this day.

Reputation: The quiet one

Likes: baseball, Chinese food, the color green, peach cobbler, the winter season, cooking and light liquor

Dislikes: people in his space, anybody disrespecting his family, talking

Hood: Washington Highlands

Personality:If you don’t know him, you’d probably swear that Shane can’t speak, because it’s something you’d likely never hear. He believes in talking less and observing more and because of this, he’s extremely good at reading people and situations. However when he’s around his family, you’ll be hard pressed to get him to shut up, especially if he’s teasing once of his siblings. Shane loves hard, borderline obsessively, only because he’s desperate to keep those that he cares about near to him.

Like his older brother, he’s fiercely overprotective over those that he cares about, and will take a life in less than 5 second if it means saving one of his own.

Also like his other brothers, he’s not ashamed to admit that before Skyla he had a string of hoes that he kept on his roster.

Portrayed By: IG: @mocity_jaybee