Meet King

Name: Kaylin Alexandar Kingston

Nickname / Alias: King

Full birthday / Age: January 23 | 18

Significant Other: He doesn’t speak that language

Kids: Karsyn Alexis Kingston. 

Background: King can’t remember much of his father or their past history, but all he knows is that this girl who was supposedly his sister came in the picture, and then his entire life fell apart. He went from having a comfortable life, to having to grow up and watch his mother struggle to take care of him and his brothers, and he hated it. It might be wrong that he blamed KG for his family’s problems, but all he knew, was that things were copasetic before she came into the picture, and then shit went downhill. His problems at home made him the poster child for violent outbursts in school, which eventually got so bad that the school gave his mother the option of signing him up for an extracurricular outlet, or he was going to be kicked out. Lucy signed him up for basketball, and King’s pretty much been in love with it ever since.

When King was 7, his father attempted to trade him for drugs, but Shane took his place instead.

Whenever he was feeling stressed out, or like he was suffocating in his surroundings, he’d head out to the local court and put up a few shots, which ultimately led to him being one of the most sought after point guards from the time he was in middle school, all the way up to his senior year in high school when he’d announced on signing day that he’d be attending the same college as his older brother Shy, who’d already made a hell of a name for himself as an All-American baseball player.

In King’s mind, college will probably be the best experience of his life, and he can’t wait to get away from his surroundings and explore the plethora of new bitches waiting for his arrival.

Reputation: The asshole

Likes: Basketball, fruit snacks, math, women Christmas and soul food

Dislikes: His sister, his father and clingy women

Hood: Washington Highlands

Personality:Kaylin is the type of nigga that’ll asses you to learn how to push your buttons and press every last one of them just because he’s bored and needs something to do, to the point where you’d probably want to slap him in his fucking mouth. He has no filter, and says whatever the fuck he wants 99.9% of the time, unless he’s around his mother. Whenever he’s with his “Lucy”, he’s the perfect gentleman that she raised him to be. A lot of people sleep on King’s intelligence because he acts so fucking foolish, but taking him for stupid would end up with a muthafucker so embarrassed that they’d remember the moment for the rest of their lives.

A genius when it comes to numbers, if basketball never works out for them then he’d always have the accounting degree he plans to pursue to fall back on. His life’s dream is to move his mama out of their housing complex, and give her everything that she even looks at as if she’s interested in it.

Because of what happened with his parents, getting married and having a family is far, far down the list of his life’s agenda, if he ever makes it there at all. For now, he’s content with getting his dick wet and moving along afterwards to something new.

However, a slip-up one night with his daughter’s mother, Charlie (who he assumed would be just another hit and quit) ended up resulting in King producing his now four mouth old daughter, Karsyn, changing his life forever.

Though he doesn’t consider himself to be a “family” with his BM, King loves his daughter with every part of his heart.

Portrayed By: IG: @benjimuni