Meet Julian

Name: Julian Kingston

Nickname / Alias: Jak

Full birthday / Age: November 13 | 22

Significant Other: He don’t love em, he fuck em and leave em…

Kids: Negative

Background: Up until he was 11 years old, Julian had a fairly normal life. He lived in a 4 bedroom home with his mother, father, and three younger brothers, and the most excitement his days held was making his brother’s lives a living hell and not getting in trouble for it.

Life was nearly perfect, until one day, it wasn’t. One day while they were all eating dinner, a woman showed up at their doorstep, revealing that Julian’s father, Marcel, had cheated on his wife, producing a now two year old daughter named Cassidy. A fight between Jak’s mother, Lucy, and his father’s mistress, Chanel ensued, and subsequently, Marcel was kicked out of his home.
Unable to cope with the issues his life now consisted of, Marcel abandoned the responsibilities of caring for his children and turned to the streets, and drugs.

Lucy continued to try and care for her household as best as she could, but was unable to keep up with their bills, and after a stint in a women’s homeless shelter, they moved into a three bedroom apartment in Washington Highlands, where Lucy managed to achieve receiving a nursing degree.

Julian hated watching his mother struggle, and when he was 16, he turned to the streets in order to help bring more money into his household.
Unaccepting of her son’s sudden career choice, Lucy kicked him out, though he managed to survive two years on his own before he was able to legally get his own apartment.

His relationship with his mother was strained for a few years, and though she still doesn’t fully accept what her son does, she loves him and doesn’t want to push him as far.

As far as his father goes, Julian wouldn’t bat an eyelash Marcel’s way if he saw him in the streets.

Reputation: Mr. Intellectual

Likes: the color black, apples, reading, Italian food, owls and wolves, 

Dislikes: He’s an easy man to please as long as you don’t fuck with his family.

Hood: Washington Highlands

Personality: Julian is likely one of the smartest, most inquisitive and thoughtful people that you could ever meet. Though you’d never be able to tell just from looking at him. He’s very standoffish, and often comes off as intimidating or unapproachable, and that’s the way he likes it. He’s not a fan of people, or crowds, but will tolerate being uncomfortable for people that he truly cares about. His baby sister is his heart, and he won’t hesitate to take a life over her if need be. The situation between his parents drove him to acquire a possessive personality, that hadn’t really been exposed until he met Devin and felt he had something worth possibly possessing. At times he can appear heartless, though he has a been one way deep down somewhere. He takes comfort in reading, but it isn’t a pastime that he brags about. If for some reason you have to cross paths with him, don’t fuck with his mama, his brothers and sister, or Skyla, and you’ll get along with Jak just fine.

Portrayed By: IG: yaboig_hill