Meet Joel

Name: Joel Andre Kingston

Nickname / Alias: AK

Full birthday / Age: April 11 | 20

Significant Other: Can’t seem to keep one of those but currently entertaining.

Kids: None that he knows of.

Background: AK has always been one to be inquisitive about things. Always one to ask questions.  Talkative but at the same time observant of his surroundings. As he grew older, he learned to keep his questions to a minimum and just watch and the answers will come.  Never one to judge people too quickly but always watchful of those around him. Though he has a playful nature, he’s not one to give out too many second chances and for that reason if you cross him or his family he’s pretty much done with you. His family is important to him. Especially his eerily identical twin and only sister.  With Shy, as opposite as they can be when it comes to their personality, he feels they have a bond no one can ever touch. And Cassidy, his partner in crime when it comes to being goofy and pranking people, will forever be a baby in his eyes and no one is good enough.

Reputation: Certified class clown and life of the party that’s observant as fuck

Likes: Being the life of a party, joking around, clowning on people, just about every dessert, hot wiring cars, people watching and observing people, cooking, impersonating Shy when he doesn’t want to be bothered with someone, playing baseball and basketball as a hobby.

Dislikes: Being underestimated, losing his temper and blacking out, shady ass people, structured education, having money problems, being taken for granted, his sister growing up and acting like she know shit cause she don’t and she need to act 5.

Hood: Washington Highlands

Personality: The observant underestimated one. If there’s ever anyone that see’s everything and knows more about something than he leads on… it would be AK. The one that is always the life of the party so people tend to take his joking playful nature for weakness and that’s their first mistake. He normally comes off as the nice one but anyone who truly knows him knows that can easily be changed the moment he decides he’s done with you for whatever reason whether it be fucking him over, doing someone in his family wrong, or just coming at him completely wrong. Once you’re on his bad side, consider yourself dead to him. Outside of that, AK can be a true gentleman, sweetheart, and always the one trying to brighten shit up. He’s a cup half full type of person.

AK is never one to judge people too quickly but always watchful of those around him. He is very observant and unless what he sees or knows affects him, he tends to keep that info to himself.

Generally, he the type of person to wear his heart on his sleeve and it has been a gift and a curse because somehow, someway he always tends to drop the ball every time with the ladies. Getting them isn’t the problem but he seems to consistently pick the wrong ones. He’s a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic.

Portrayed By: IG: @mocity_jaybee