Meet Devin

Name: Devin

Nickname / Alias: D, Dev, Vinny

Full birthday / Age: January 30 | 23

Significant Other: What’s that?

Kids: Nah

Background: Many people know of Devin but not many actually know her. Most people tend to assume she’s a nigga and are a little taken aback when they meet the person behind the name. Devin tends to keep her circle small and there’s just about no one who knows much about her past. 

Reputation: Mysterious and not to be fucked with.

Likes: Doing illegal shit, making her own money, guns, weed, cars, pitbulls, pigging out, Asian food, weed, being goofy with those she does like, watching documentaries, being a “girlie” girl, yoga, and weed. 

Dislikes: People who think she can be pushed around, manipulators, people who care too much about rules, people who ask her  too many questions about herself (the fuck are you so nosey for?), too many rules or restrictions, men disrespecting her space and calling her out her name, most people, snobby rich people, people who think money can solve everything or use it against you, the family she disowned.

Hood: Bellevue

Personality: Devin isn’t shy but she isn’t too talkative either. She keeps to herself mostly because she’s always weary of those outside of her circle of friends (which mostly consists of Kace, Adrian, and barely a handful of other people) and hate people who are judgmental of the type of life she chooses to live. She likes to live by her own rules and hates feeling like someone is trying to control her too much.  Not too much of a partier however if you happen to catch her out, she might just be the one dancing on bars and buying the shots. 

She’s a mysterious soul and if you know her or about her you know she’s not to be fucked with. Devin tends to keep her circle small and there’s just about no one who knows much about her past (Kace & Adrian are the only exceptions and even they don’t know it all). She’s not friendly but she also isn’t a bitch without reasonable cause. She hates people who thinks she is weak and will gladly show them that she can handle herself in any situation.

Portrayed By: IG: kirtstenbrittany