Meet Charlie

Name: Charlotte “Charlie” Rae Graham

Nickname / Alias: Charlie, CiCi

Full birthday / Age: September 11 | 17

Significant Other: Do children count?

Kids: One. Karsyn Alexis Kingston. ~ 4 months. 

Background: Charlie never thought there would come a day where she’d turn her back on her parents. But that day came and went when she gave birth to her baby girl and they basically told her it was it money or motherhood.

Reputation: Sweet with a little bit of sass and a lot of sheltered.

Likes: Basketball, fast cars, cupcakes specifically red velvet, Jamaican food, assholes (not the body part 😅), shopping

Dislikes: Being underestimated, people who are assholes for no reason [yeah a love hate type of thing and depends on the person], muffins because they should be cupcakes, being called Charlotte, her parents

Hood: Is Georgetown a hood?

Personality: Charlie isn’t exactly the girl next door but she’s close to it. She’s a true sweetheart but at the same time don’t be surprised if she gives you a bit of sarcasm, sass, and bluntness. Quite smart but she isnt one to brag. She can be a tomboy or a girlie girl depending on the day and she can talk you to death about basketball.

Portrayed By: IG: @ryandestiny