Meet Cassidy

Name: Cassidy Avianna Kingston-Grant

Nickname / Alias: KG

Full birthday / Age: February 5th | 18

Significant Other: Not a one, because ain’t nobody got time to go up against the terrible three (Jak, AK, and Shy)

Kids: None

Background: The product of an illict love affair between her mother, Chanel, and her father Marcellus, Cassidy is the love child that’s seemed to cause nothing but trouble since she came into this world. Her mother wanted to spill the beans about her to Marcellus’ wife immediately, but he was able to hold her off for nearly two-years with lies and broken promises, that led up to a major showdown right smack in the middle of suburbia. Marcellus completely disappeared out of Cassidy’s life after that, and not too long after, after deciding that she didn’t sign up to be a single mother, so did Chanel. Cassidy was dumped on her Puerto Rican grandmother’s doorstep like a sack of potatoes that no one cared about, and spent many years wondering why her grandmother was the only one who seemed to care for her, until Jak started coming around. He would do things like take her to the park and teach her how to ball, or to simple places like McDonald’s or Wendy’s just to spend a little bit of time with her.

AK and Shy also eventually came around, but when it came down to King, he made it clear that he could give two fucks about her or her existence, and wanted nothing to do with her. Jak urged her to be patient with King, assuring her that the youngest Kingston male would come around, but it’s been years and King won’t budge an inch. The craziest thing about the entire situation to Cassidy, is that she and King are damn near twins, which led her to assume that they both had to look exactly like their father. A theory that she wasn’t too sure of, because she can’t even remember what Marcellus looks like.

Reputation:The goofball. 

Likes: reading, blueberry muffins, the ID channel, bright colors, tacos, bath and body works, and photography

Dislikes: how overbearing her brothers can be, and disrespectful people

Hood: Anacostia

Personality: Cassidy loves her life, despite how trying it is at times, and always tries her hardest to be a ray of positivity, especially for the grandmother that took her in when Cassidy’s mother checked out. 

Basketball takes up most of her time, and because she doesn’t like to party, most of her free time is spent learning how to cook from her grandmother, or with her head in somebody’s book because she loves to get lost in a fantasy world.

Cassidy is amazing behind a camera, and hopes to become a world-renown photographer one day, something that her oldest brother pushes her to perfect so that she can make her dream happen.

Though it was a bit awkward in the beginning, Cassidy has been embraced warmly by MOST of the Kingston family, including Lucille who treats Cassidy as if she was one of her own, which only seems to make her brother King hate her more. It’s hard for her to wrap her brain around why he’s so evil towards her, but she continues to gently push to eventually have some sort of relationship with him, the way she does with her three other brothers.

Portrayed By: IG: thai_princess