Meet Adrian

Name: Adrian Joel Ross

Nickname / Alias: Diego

Full birthday / Age: August 15 | 22

Significant Other: My lil baby – Kayona 

Kids: Zero

Background: Diego is the friend everyone needs. He loves making light of most situations and unless he’s in business or money making mode, he’s usually kicking it and clowning around.  Growing up without his mom or his dad, Diego learned how to take life as it came and appreciate those who rode for him like his Aunt and his best friend, Devin. 

Reputation: Loud, funny, and cool. 

Likes: Empanadas, pineapples, money, partying, women with smooth cocoa shea butter skin, shooting dice, eating, being goofy

Dislikes: Ugly feet, most vegetables, being taken advantage of, chicks with lack of melanin, fake asses,  public transportation, being too serious when not necessary, snow

Hood: Bellevue

Personality: The Loud Puerto Rican God. A smooth talker and a fool all mixed in one. Diego loves to smile and make others laugh and he always tries his best to look out for those he loves. He runs off of pineapples and empanadas and those are the ways to his heart.

If you feed him and show him a genuine side of you, he’ll fuck with you. He’s the type that likes to give people more than one chance and this has been known to fuck him over a time or two. He’s a forgiving (a little too forgiving if you ask his best friend, Devin), silly,  shit talker who’s ready to put his playful side to the side at any moment when it comes to the ones he love.

Portrayed By: IG: @thamane_jermaine