The Black LIT Directory

A Directory For Us By US!


What is it?

Simply put, a directory full of black people magic! We wanted to create a directory that is full of those in and apart of the Black LITerature community from authors to supporters and every one in betweem..

How do I join?

Pick the form(s) that align with you, fill it out, and BOOM… #datsit 

Can I just submit one form for multiple things?

Sorry Jan, you can not.

When will the directory be live?

Soon! We’re getting all the pieces together and will announce it on our Instagram as well as send emails to everyone who joined once it is live! If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us here

I'm ready to join!


If you’re an author… Pick this one!

Test Readers

If you’re a test / beta reader and love to give feedback to writers… Pick this one!


Editors… don’t be shy… Pick this one!

Book Reviewers / Bloggers

We need all the reviewers, bloggers, and vloggers to report here… Pick this one!

Creatives / Marketers

Creatives & Marketers! If you create book covers, flyers, websites,  are a promoter, or anything of the like… Pick this one!

Book Clubs & Platforms

If you’re a book club or fellow platform that is all about supporting those in the Black Lit community… Pick this one!