DMV – Post 9


Tuesday, July 25th

“You good?” Rodrick, one of the mechanics who worked at the chop shop, said as he walked into the office area after Jak the Jackass left.

“Fuck outta here!” I threw a pencil at Rod. “You was gone just sit there while he manhandled me?”

“Your ass need some manhandling. You know I would have jumped in if I felt like he really was gone go beast on your ass.”

“I should fire you,” I said smugly.

“But you won’t. Don’t be mad at me ‘cause he got you all flustered.” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes. Rod was lucky he had worked for Kace’s family for over ten years or I’d kick his ass right now.

“He didn’t get me anything but aggravated. He’s an arrogant fuck. And then he sat here and didn’t say shit with this stupid ass look on his face. Rude ass nigga.” I was 38 hot when he had me against the wall earlier because he indeed had the upper hand but I would never back down. Then his little sexual innuendo… he had me all the way fucked up. The whole shit had me feeling a type of way that I couldn’t pinpoint just yet.

Rod chuckled again as the sound of a car pulling into the garage area of the chop shop caused him to go see who it was and I went back to what I had been doing before that asshole of a dude interrupted me.

A couple hours later, I had decided to get in some yoga before I headed home and was working on my handstand when my phone started ringing interrupting my chi and causing me to fall out quicker than I wanted to.

“Hello?” I answered my phone as I sat back on my yoga mat and went into butterfly pose to stretch my inner thighs. I started doing yoga when I was in Juvie as a way to channel my emotions, anger, or whatever else going on with me and I had been doing it ever since. Outside of boxing a couple times a week, it’s the only other form of exercise you gone see me doing.

“Are you bringing the money by today?” Farrah’s annoying ratchet ghetto ass drawl came into my eardrum.

Sucking in my good energy that was flowing through my body, I responded, “I wasn’t.”

“Well I need it and Kace said you were supposed to come on Sunday so I don’t know why you ain’t.”

“Because I ain’t feel like it. You need to learn how to budget.”

“Well his child needs food so you need to hurry the fuck up. I don’t know why the fuck he just ain’t give me access to her account. She’s my fuckin’ daughter.” I had access to all of Kace’s accounts as his power of attorney and to say Farrah hated that would be an understatement. Farrah was one of those typical hood baby mama’s who felt entitled because they had lucked up and trapped a nigga who wasn’t struggling in the hood. She didn’t want to work. She felt like her and Miyah were a package and Kace was required to take care of them both. She constantly threatened to put him on child support but she never would because that would just be dumb. As a mother, she was decent as far as I could tell, but the girl was annoying as fuck and just not about shit but using Miyah to get what she wanted.

I snickered. “Clearly because you can’t budget and he don’t trust you.”

“What the fuck ever Devin. Just bring me some money for me and Kace’s daughter. The one he had with me.”

I chuckled ‘cause she always said that with the intention of getting under my skin but it really didn’t bother me one bit. “Okay,” I said dryly. “I’ll be by when I come by so until then make whatever you got work.” Hanging up before she could say anything else, I silenced my phone and decided to do a little bit more yoga. People were really just in the mood to fuck with me today.


Tuesday, July 25th

I walked into the house and was relieved to find it empty. It was a little before seven at night so I knew Ms. Lucy had gone to work since she told me she worked the night shift. But who knew where Kaylin was because he seemed to always be in and out.

I sat down on the couch, tired from being out in the heat most of the day, and was about to take my munchkin out of her car seat since she was cutting up when the front door flew open. Oh great, Satan has returned.

“Who the fuck let you in?” Kaylin asked, rolling his eyes as he walked in with a plate in his hand. We hadn’t said much of anything to each other over the past few days since I had been keeping to myself with the exception of Ms. Lucy making me go with them to church on Sunday because apparently that was a requirement if I stayed here.

“Your mom gave me a key.”

He kissed his teeth. “Now watch shit come up missing. And what the fuck is you doing to my child.” He came and sat down next to me and placed the plate of food he was holding on the coffee table in front of us before he reached down to take Karsyn out. She was going to be so spoiled. I already knew it.

Shrugging, I let him tend to her as I absentmindedly reached forward and took a couple of, what looked like, homemade fries and chicken nuggets off his plate. When I sat back up, I glanced his way to look at Karsyn and the look he gave me was priceless. Realizing what I’d done, I shrugged again. “My bad.” I had a bad habit of eating off someone’s plate without asking. Not like a stranger but people I knew. Or now in Kaylin’s case… someone I’d had a child with.

“You got damn right your bad. I don’t know where the fuck your homeless hands been to be touching my food. I should make you go fix me another plate.”

I sighed, “Are you ever not angry?” I was so serious. Like I was pretty sure he had sex on the regular so I didn’t know why he had what seemed like pent up frustration. Kari did something to get his attention and he ignored me like I hadn’t asked him a question.

My cellphone vibrated in the pocket of the diaper bag and I pulled it out to see Serena calling me. “Hey girl,” I said answering the phone.

“Oh you’re back in service.”

“Yeah. Thank God. I was able to get a replacement today thanks to having insurance and I had them charge the fee to my account.”

“That your parents pay still?” she said, already chuckling.

“That would be the one.”

“See they do love you.”

“Yeah I’m sure they do,” I said back sarcastically. My phone was on a family plan. I had no idea why it hadn’t been turned off but I wasn’t gone complain about it because I for sure didn’t have money to pay my own bills. It probably wasn’t even thought about.

“Sooooo please do tell, how is it living in the same house as Kar’s sperm donor?” I had hit S up on Facebook as soon as I had the chance to let her know high level details about my new situation.

“I’m sure it can be worse.” I glanced at Kaylin as he stood to his feet and headed towards the kitchen probably to fix Karsyn a bottle since she was still fussing. “We keep conversations to a minimum and I’m usually in the room ‘cause I just don’t have the energy right now to feed into his antics.”

“Yeah don’t let that nigga have you acting out.”

“I’m trying not to.” I giggled. “But he really likes to push buttons.”

“Well you know I’ve messed with a couple dudes from that neck of the woods and they all tend to be aggressive and angry but fine and that’s the issue. The devil be working.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “And you know us prim and proper girls love us some assholes.”

“Until those assholes become your baby daddy and you realize it wasn’t as sexy as you originally thought.”

“Yeahhhhhhhh then we have a problem with no solution for about eighteen years.”

“Thanks for the reminder S.”

“Sorry,” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice. “Anyway, just keep ignoring him. You said his mom is cool?”

“Yeah. She’s really nice. Honestly can’t believe she birthed him.”

“Well that’s good. You need someone in your corner boo.”

“Everything put aside, things have been a bit more relaxed these last couple days because everyone wants them some Karsyn time when she’s awake. I spent the most time with her today because we left the house. So it’s kind of been good catching up on sleep.”

“I can only imagine. Ugh hold on,” Serena said and then yelled out to someone in the background. “Blah I gotta go help my mom with something. I’ll talk to you later.” I nodded as if she could see me and then we said our goodbyes just as Kaylin walked back in the living room area holding a bottle to Karsyn’s mouth. The Kaylin I saw that dealt with Karsyn was such a different being. It was weird but I guess she was a soft spot for him. I on the other hand had to be somewhere up there with him getting fouled out of a game for too many personal fouls.

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