DMV – Post 8

Skyla "Sky" West

Saturday, July 22nd

“You figured out what you want yet?” Shy questioned me, keeping his eyes focused on the road as he drove.

A small smile crossed my face. “Every day you ask me the same thing, and every day I give you the same answer Shane. I don’t want anything. Save your money.”

Shy kissed his teeth and I reached up to caress the back of his neck, suppressing my giggle.

Ever since I’d graduated last month, he’d been on me about telling him what I wanted for a graduation gift, but honestly, every day I survived in my surroundings was gift enough and I didn’t need much of anything else.

“Don’t be mad punkin,” I sang in a babyish voice.

“Chill with that,” He smiled a little, turning onto the street that would lead us to my neighborhood.

Almost immediately anxiety began to settle into my chest. 

Rarely was I ever home, usually alternating between spending my nights at King’s, KG’s or with Shy whenever Joel was out with his two minute girlfriends or one night stands.

I swear, all the Kingston brothers were whores, Shy once included. Before I’d finally gotten the balls to tell him that I liked him, I’d lost count of how many different girls in the Highlands Shy had run though, and I wouldn’t even get started on how many chicks he’d smashed from other neighborhoods. 

They all thought he was so interesting because he barely spoke, and they all wanted to be the one that tried to break him out of his shell.

Triflin ass bitches.

I was fifteen when I’d finally got up the nerve to tell him that I thought he was cute, but only right before I turned sixteen did things get somewhat serious. After I lost my virginity to him, I pretty much became his and vice versa, and it’s been that way ever since.

Though he’d asked me plenty of times, I wasn’t technically his girl, and he wasn’t officially my man but there had been a couple of times where I’d have to remind a bitch that he was very much stamped and taken.

“You aight?” He questioned, reading my body language, and I just nodded because the closer we got to my house, the less I seemed to be able to form a sentence.

As much as I didn’t want to be there, I needed clothes and a few personal things since I’d been gone for so long, I just hoped that God was on my side and that my parents weren’t home.

However, when we pulled into my complex, I saw that Satan was clearly at work today, because both of their cars were present.

Shy pulled into a visitors spot and parked the car, glancing over at me intently.

“On some real shit Sky, you know you ain’t gotta go in. I can do it for you.”

I actually cracked a smile at that, because Shy hated my parents and was always looking for an excuse to get ignorant with them.

“It’s fine babe, I’ll go.” I said, and though my hand was on the door handle, I didn’t move.

“Skyla, just text King and see if y’all can kick it today. You can grab some clothes and stay with me, or with KG if you don’t want AK to hear me wearing your ass out.” He winked at me and I reached over to smack at his chest.

“You are so nasty.” I giggled.

“I’ll sit out here and chill ..and give you five minutes.” He grew serious, reaching over to cuff the back of my head. “Can you handle that?”

Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth, I nodded. 

“I’m right here, and if shit goes south, you know I got you ..right?”

Again I nodded, and he leaned over to kiss me, before I let out a deep breath and finally opened the door.

Outside of King, Shy was the only person that knew every detail of the story behind my parents and I, but where King just disliked them, Shy seemed to have a burning hatred for them.

He hated when I was home just as much as I did, but both of our fucked up pasts, and that fact that I wasn’t technically legal yet and my parents wouldn’t hesitate to press charges on him if it was clear that we were indeed a thing kept us from being together the way we wanted to be, and the way I was sure that we were meant to be.

Kaylin "King" Kingston

Saturday, July 22nd

“Hey,” I greeted my mama, walking into her room unannounced. She was a trauma nurse, so she typically worked all kinds of crazy hours, but she had seniority at the hospital which gave her some kind of clout, so she managed to have weekends off unless there was a serious emergency and they needed her there.

She didn’t respond, but she didn’t push me away when I sat down on the bed next to her, and leaned into her body, resting my head on her shoulder. “You mad at me?”

“No King, I’m not mad at you,” She sighed, looking up from whatever bible verses she was reading on her Kindle resting her head against mine. “I’m disappointed in you. I didn’t raise you to treat people that way, especially women and I can’t believe the way that you’ve been treating the mother of your daughter.”

“Ma I’m telling you, she ain’t ever came to me on some stuff like she needs help, or doesn’t have a place to stay or whatever. I wouldn’t play like that when it came to Karsyn. You know what we went through after that nigga Marcel bailed on us and I would never have my daughter out here in the streets going through that.”

Right before I turned four, my moms found out about Cassidy, and how Marcel was living a double life. I guess they tried to work through it or whatever, but him not being able to stand the pressure led up to him bouncing. Moms was able to keep our house for a year, but a little bit after I turned five, she couldn’t handle it anymore and ended up having to sell it. We were good living off the money she had for a little bit, but of course that didn’t last, and by the time I was seven, we were living in a shelter and she was trying her damn hardest to keep the state from taking us from her. Finally, when I was eight she was able to secure a spot on the waiting list for Washington Highlands. It was her, me, the twins, and Jak in that small ass two-bedroom apartment for the longest, with her giving us the bedrooms and sleeping on the couch until Jak was old enough to pretty much force her to take the room that he and I shared, and we slept in the living room. Shit stayed like that until somehow she was able to be upgraded into a three-bedroom a little while after Jak got kicked out, and I got a room again.

Fuck what anybody looked at me and saw, I was a nigga that literally had gone through the struggle, and had watched the woman that I no doubt loved with all my heart damn near break her back to keep our family together. Though I’d never directly planned on having any, I always told myself that on the off chance that I ever had a kid, I’d never put them through what Marcel had put us through.

Karsyn not having a stable place to stay fucked with me, and the thing that fucked with me even more is that the whole thing could have been avoided if Charlie had just opened her damn mouth. But Kars wasn’t old enough to remember any of whatever had been going on in the past four months, so it was no point in holding on to it.

Old girl just needed to get her shit together and get it in her head that her bullshit ass pride wasn’t gonna end up hurting anybody but our kid. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get along or fuck with one another, none of that effected how I felt when it came to my daughter, and there was nothing that I wouldn’t do for Karsyn.

Charlie on the other hand, there’s probably nothing I would do for her other than bless her with the opportunity to have another one of my kids, since I wasn’t about that multiple baby mama life. When she made the decision to have Karsyn she signed a contract agreeing to have the rest of my kids for life, if I ever decided I wanted anymore. Right now, I was at a hell nah.

“It doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t come to you baby,” Lucy said softly, lifting her hand to pat my face. “at the end of the day, Charlie and Karsyn, that is YOUR own personal family. And you as the man are supposed to take charge and be the head of that family.”

“See, why WE gotta be a family. Why can’t it just be Karsyn and me as a family,” I said jokingly, and she used the hand that was resting on my face to slap me gently.

“Because Charlie is Karsyn’s mother, and because I said so, that’s why.”

“Aight, aight chill. I was just joking. I hear you.”

“For the life of me I can’t understand why you insist on being so nasty to her anyway.”

“Because it annoys me that when things initially went down, it was basically just sprung on me out of nowhere. When I found out she was pregnant, it was too late to really do anything about it, and who said that I signed up anywhere to be a teenage father?”

“So, what are you saying? That you would have told her to get an abortion.”

I kissed my teeth. Damn, niggas think I’m that heartless?

“No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, it would have been nice to have some input on pretty much what affects the rest of my life too, instead of some girl popping up pregnant as shit like surprise, you gonna be a daddy, and I’m just supposed to be cool with it. Whether Karsyn was gonna be here or not should have been a conversation between the both of us from the beginning, being that we BOTH would have been becoming parents, not just her. Honestly a lot of the extra shit probably could have been avoided as well.”

“I agree that with the two of you being so young, as your mother it would have been nice to have been able to sit down with her and her parents to discuss this pregnancy and its details, but what’s done is done and Karsyn is here now, so there’s no use dwelling in the past. All we can do from here is move forward. You’re my baby, and I love you I’m asking you to ease up on this girl, for me. She’s not Skyla and she’s not your brothers. Your attitude isn’t everybody’s cup of tea honey.”

“Aight ma, I’ll chill. For you. You’re welcome.”

“Ugh you’re such a little asshole.” She playfully slapped at my face and I laughed, climbing off her bed.

Heading back into my bedroom, I snatched up my phone, seeing that I had missed a couple of texts from Sky asking if it was cool if she came back over to kick it with me and Karsyn today. I ain’t have shit but a pussy appointment planned with a chick that lived a few floors up from me, so I told her it was cool and went to go hop in the shower.

Julian "Jak" Kingston

Saturday, July 22nd

Folding my arms across my chest, I let out an annoyed huff as I waited for Derrick’s simple ass to finish up his phone call with whomever the fuck he was speaking to like I wasn’t waiting my precious time and air waiting on him to finish up.

“Yeah, aight,” He said to whomever he was speaking with, before finally hanging up the damn phone.

“I feel like I’m not bout to like whatever it is you have to say.”

“Cause you not.”

“What’s the word?”

“I mean, Hector’s product is legit, this I know for a fact, but his prices are two times what you would have been paying Kace.”

I frowned. “Fuck outta here. That nigga got me fucked up.”

“That’s the only option we have outside of downgrading what we pushing out.”

Shy who was sitting next to me texting away cleared his throat, indicating that he had something to say.

“At the end of the day bro, no matter what we do, we gonna end up having to work with somebody new. If shit ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We might not know this nigga that Kace turned shit over to, Delvin,–“

“Devin.” Derrick corrected, and we both turned to glare at him. He immediately raised his hands, backing off.

“Like I said, we might not know this nigga DELVIN, but we fuck with Kace the long way and he ain’t ever led us wrong so, maybe we should just see what the nigga got going on, on like a trial basis, and if we don’t like it then we’ll bite the bullet and pay Hector’s ass.”

Rubbing my chin, I thought it over for a second. I wasn’t a big fan of change, but in a way Shy was right. In all the years I had been doing business with Kace and his family, he’d never fucked us over and either way we went, we’d have to be working with somebody new so, shit.

“You know I trust your word over anybody’s so if you think it’s what we should do, then I’m with it.” I told him, holding my hand out and we did our little handshake before I turned towards Derrick. “Go head and set shit up.”

The three of us chopped it up for a few more minutes before going our separate ways, with me having plans to link up with Nikki’s ass. After I tied shit up with her then I planned on getting up with my team, and then taking my black ass home.

Lucy ass didn’t play when it came to church, and every Sunday we had to have our black asses there bright and early, and then at her house for Sunday dinner afterwards. No exceptions, and I wasn’t trying to catch an ass whopping for missing a service.

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