DMV – Post 7


Still Friday, July 21st

My head was in my hands when I heard someone come into the kitchen. I looked up as I ran my hands through my hair.

“My condolences,” one of Kaylin’s brothers said. Up until thirty minutes ago, from the way he acted, I would have assumed he was an only child.

“For what?” I asked confused.

“For the fact that that nigga is your baby daddy.”

I couldn’t do anything but chuckle at that. “Well in that case, thanks.”

“You need help getting your stuff out of your car?”

“Um yeah. If you don’t mind.”

“I’m the only gentleman in this family. I’m Joel by the way but most people call me AK.” I nodded as I followed behind him out of the kitchen and through the living room where everyone stopped doing what they were doing to stare before we got to the door. “If any of y’all fuck niggas wanna help… by all means,” he said before we stepped outside. Nobody moved. They’re all just so welcoming. “Where’d you park?”

“Over there,” I pointed down the block as we walked down the path.

He looked back over his shoulder at me and raised an eyebrow. “The Audi? That’s you?”

“Yeah,” I said as we approached my car and I unlocked my door and popped the truck. Though my parents had pretty much cut me off money wise, they at least let me keep my car and as much as I’d originally thought about not taking anything from them…. I wasn’t that dumb. I needed a car.

“Well maybe you do come from money.”

I didn’t really know how to respond to that so I just didn’t say anything. “I have a couple suitcases in the trunk and Karsyn’s crib. Then most of her things and such are in the back seat.” He just nodded as he went over to the trunk first and unloaded my suitcases. “So who is who?” I asked as I grabbed some stuff from the backseat.

“Well the big grumpy lookin’ nigga is Julian. And you should call him that because it’ll irk the fuck out of him.” He was the one that had answered the door and was rude right off back. That must be a requirement of this family. “Then there’s this other nigga who is biting off my entire look. Shane, but everyone calls him Shy. The girl is Skyla.” The girl looked about my age and I wondered who she was to them. “She’s King’s–”

“Girlfriend?” I butted in, questioningly because this could get really awkward if so.

AK chuckled. “Nah his other baby mama.”

My entire face dropped. “He has another child?”

AK started laughing. “Y’all really know nothing about each other. That’s just weird as fuck.” I frowned confused. “Sky’s just his best friend. She’s family. Her annoying self been around for forever.” I just nodded my head taking all of this in.

“I don’t know why you bringing all of this shit into my house. You damn sure ain’t finna be here long,” Kaylin said as AK and I walked back into the house with my suitcases and other crap. He was back to playing the game. I quickly glanced around for Karsyn and she was snuggle up on Skyla.

“Bruh shut your annoying ass up. Cry baby ass nigga,” AK said as he continued on. It wasn’t that I couldn’t stand up to Kaylin but I really didn’t want to be disrespectful in his mother’s house and I also didn’t feel the need to entertain him.

After AK finished helping me, I followed him back out into the living room. Ms. Lucy was back in the kitchen and I kind of wanted to just go in there with her because she was such a sweetheart. But I knew I had to face Kaylin’s family sooner or later anyway.

“So y’all niggas just gone play without me?” AK asked as he jumped onto the couch next to his twin brother and I gasped when I finally took the chance to pay attention to them. Holy hell they looked alike.

“Ain’t nobody tell you to go help the homeless,” Kaylin said and I saw Skyla kick him since he was sitting on the floor in front of her.

Rolling my eyes I sat down on a free spot next to Skyla even though I didn’t want to be in such close proximity to Kaylin but I did want to love on my munchkin.

“So Charlie, right?” Skyla said almost as soon as I sat down.

“Yeah. Charlie or Cici is fine.” Karsyn looked over at me and smiled and I melted. “Hey mommy’s baby.” She started bouncing all crazily in Skyla’s arms. “Now, don’t go showing out.”

“She likes to show her ass,” AK said. Shoot I think that was him. What color shirt did he have on again?

“She gets it honestly,” I said not really thinking about it until Kaylin said something.

“The fuck you trying to say fake and phony?”

“Nigga she said it,” Julian said and then they all laughed and I even had to chuckle to myself.

“I’m Skyla by the way,” Skyla introduced herself.

“I already put her on game on who all you extra regular ass niggas are,” AK said. Blue shirt. Noted. So it was Shy who said something before. How can anyone tell them apart?

“Ain’t nobody more regular than your basic ass,” his twin said.

“Whatever bitch.”

“I know I don’t hear cursing,” Ms. Lucy yelled out from the kitchen.

“It wasn’t me mother!” AK yelled back and Julian reached over and smacked the hell out of the back of his head. So he rude and violent. Also noted.

“Ignore these fools,” Skyla said.

“Yo Charlie, I legit thought King had made you up and just kidnapped someone’s baby every week.” AK looked over at me as he spoke.

“Shit, I thought I was the only one thinking that,” Julian cosigned.

I smiled. “Well, it’s nice to meet all of you.”

“Ain’t nobody wanted to meet you so you can save that.”

“Honestly Kaylin can you just not speak to me if you’re going to have something rude to say every time I talk,” I snapped.

“And can you just shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my time with my family and daughter. I don’t know why you even out here mingling and shit,” he shot back.

“Kaylin Alexander.” Ms. Lucy came up out of nowhere.

“Fuck,” I saw Kaylin mumble.

“I know damn well I raised you to have some respect, especially when it comes to women and that definitely includes someone who gave life to your daughter. So show some before I beat your ass.”

Kaylin kissed his teeth.

“Got that ass,” AK said after she disappeared down the hall and Kaylin threw a pillow at him.

“I’ll be back,” I said excusing myself and I’m pretty sure I heard Kaylin say ‘don’t bother’ but maybe I was hearing things. I more than likely wasn’t. I went into my temporary room and sighed heavily as I sat down on the bed to try to reel in everything I was feeling at the moment. But the next thing I knew, I was crying into a pillow and I didn’t even really know why because I hadn’t cried since the day Karsyn was born even with all the crap I had to deal with. Nevertheless, as I sat here everything was finally hitting me. It was weird that even though I finally may be getting some more help and might have a more stable place to stay for a little that I still never felt so alone.

Being around Kaylin’s family for just that little bit of time made me realize what I no longer had and to add insult to injury, I was exhausted and had to deal with Karsyn’s father who was no doubt, the devil reincarnated and seemed to hate me as if I had purposely hand picked him to have a child with at 17. Because that’s what every girl wanted.

Admittedly so, Kaylin had never been mister nice and friendly… but me showing up to his house like this really seemed to strike a nerve. If it wasn’t for Ms. Lucy, I don’t know how I would have been able to make it through that conversation because he was down right rude to me for no reason. Like you would think I had ruined his life or something when in reality I was the one that had just about lost everything. He still had his future. He still was going to college. He still had his family. He had some place to live. He had it fucking all so he had no reason to treat me the way he was.

Letting the tears fall, I closed my eyes with the intention of just calming myself back down before I forced myself to go back out there but I was asleep before I even knew it.

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