DMV – Post 6

Kaylin "King" Kingston

Friday, July 21st

“Maaaaaa!” I called, letting myself into our apartment, dropping my gym bag by the door. “Lucyyyyyyyy I’m home!” I hollered since she didn’t answer me the first time.

“As loud as that mouth of yours is, how could I have missed you?” She sassed as I made my way into the kitchen, kissing her cheek before moving to the fridge. “What I tell you bout touching shit in my kitchen without washing your hands!?” She snapped, and I felt a sharp tap on my arm.

Rolling my eyes, I let out a little huff while closing the door to the fridge, moving over to the sink to wash my hands. Only then did I notice how much food she had out to cook.

“What’s the special occasion?” I frowned, noting the fish, shrimp, scallops, and homemade hushpuppy mix.

She’d gotten paid today so I assumed she spent a good amount of her check on groceries.

“Nothing too special, your brothers and Skyla are all going to be here tonight, and I just wanted to cook for my babies. I texted your sister and invited her, but she’s spending the night with her friend.”

It took everything in me not to say something smart, because she knew how I felt about that “sister” shit, but I wasn’t in the business of fishing for a slap to the face so I let her be, grabbed a cup out of the cabinet to pour myself a glass of Simply Lemonade, and put the lemonade bottle back in the fridge, leaning up against the counter to sip my drink.

“You heard from that girl yet?” My mama asked, further darkening my mood.

I was supposed to have gotten my daughter from her mother yesterday, but when I hit her up, she was nowhere to be found.

“Man he-nah,” I caught myself, and moms just narrowed her eyes at me before going back to whatever it is that she was doing.

My daughter was a crybaby, but I loved spending time with her lil annoying ass. After I got the results back that she was mine, I told myself I’d never be a father like the one that I had. That weak ass nigga folded underneath the pressure of trying to fix his family and for that he would forever be a fuck nigga in my eyes.

I saw his feining ass sometimes around the way, and it often took everything in me not to bang that nigga in his shit over what the fuck he did to my mama, but I took pride in the fact that karma had come back around and hit that nigga ten-fold.

Moms might have had to struggle for a while, and though we still lived in the damn hood, she’d gotten to a point where her shit was solid. That nigga Marcel ain’t have a fucking pot to piss in, literally, and once I made it to the league he better not bring his ass around on some daddy shit cause, nigga nah.

“She hasn’t reached out to you at all?”

“Nah, and it’s lowkey pissing me off because she know how I feel about seeing my kid and shi-stuff,” I corrected myself again, but this time she popped my ass, making me laugh. “Man chill ma.”

“Yo!” AK’s loud, annoying ass yelled, walking into the crib like he still lived here or some shit. “Mama where you at!?”

“Busy talking to her favorite child, get out. You ain’t wanted.” I hollered back.

“Fuck outta here boy for I beat your ass.” He scoffed, coming into the kitchen and walked right into a two piece from mom dukes.

“Ima beat the fuck out of both of y’all asses if you keep cussing in my house like you ain’t got no goddamn sense.”

“AYO!” Shy’s voice came next as it sounded like that bum ass nigga damn near slammed the door open. “Me and Skyleezy in this bitchhhhhhhhh.”

“Nigga quit fucking cussing in my mama house like you ain’t got no fucking manners!” Jax’s voice followed his, after which came a slapping sound, and Skyla’s giggles.

Laughing my damn self, cause my moms literally started going off about niggas cussing in her house, I walked into the living room, placing my glass on a coaster before plopping down next to Skyla.

“What’s good with you lil ugly?” I questioned, leaning over to look at her message threads to see if she had any bum ass niggas on her bumper.

“Nothing other than waiting to see my gorgeous niece, you finished holding her hostage or nah?”

“Muthafucker you can’t speak?” Jak slapped me upside the head from behind the couch, and I jumped at his ass but that was about it.

“What’s up you lil ugly ass boy?” I questioned, keeping my voice low, even though I was sure that moms wasn’t paying us no mind being that she was in the kitchen arguing with the twins about something or another. “Anyway,” I turned back to Sky. “I don’t even have her, her fluke ass mama flaked on me yesterday, and been ignoring me all day today. How the fuck you blow my phone up all day every day with pictures, but then when it’s time for me to get my kid, you ain’t nowhere to be found?”

“I’m confused as to how y’all have a child together and you don’t even know where the girl lives,” Sky said, before beginning a snap, that I of course had to jump in.

“Ayoooo, squadddd!” I exclaimed loudly. “Best friend shit, you already know what it is, fuck with her and I’ll beat yo ass,” I joked, messing up her hair in the process, and she slapped my hand away.

“I been tryna tell that nigga that shit,” Jak jumped in our conversation, turning the tv on and starting up the video game. “If I had a seed with some random I’d make it my business to know everything down to shorty’s blood type.”

“Right?” Sky said, making a face.

“I mean, I really just don’t care that much.” My shoulders hunched up and down. “All I care about is Karsyn. If Bands get bold enough to try some big wild shit like try to take off with my kid, I’ll just set Shy on her ass,” I joked, as them wack ass look alikes came out of the kitchen to join us.

“Set me on who?” Shy asked, taking a seat on the floor as Jak tossed him one remote control, and AK the other. I grabbed the one off the table, turning it on and smirking a bit.

I opened my mouth to answer him, when a small knock sounded off at the door.

“MA!” I yelled loudly, waiting on AK to pick his 2k player so that I could pick mine. “Somebody at the door!”

“So answer it!” She shouted back, and ain’t nobody move.

Jak kissed his teeth, putting his controller down. “Y’all niggas all lazy as fuck.”

“I mean, I don’t live here,” Skyla shrugged.

“Might as well, ole mooching ass lil girl.” He laughed in return.

Getting up from his chair, he went to go answer it.

“Don’t scare whoever the fuck is on the side Incredible Hulk,” I joked before fucking up another one of Sky’s snaps.

“Um, can I help you?” Jak said all aggressively, opening the door. “And why the fuck you got my niece? King this better be your baby mama or old girl bout to have a problem.”

Turning around quickly, I leapt over the back of the couch as I realized that it was indeed Charlie standing there with Karysn sleeping in her carrier.

“Shut yo loud, dumb ass up before you wake my baby up.” I fussed, stopping right in front of Charlie. “Where the fuck your stupid ass been at, and what kinda shit you on going missing then tryna pop up at my damn crib? How the fuck you know where I live anyway?”

“Oooooooh ma!” AK irritating ass shouted loudly. “King in here being disrespectful to his baby mama!”

“Petty.” Skyla sniggered, just as my mama came charging out of the kitchen with her phone to her ear.

“My phone is broken,” Charlie said nervously, right before my mama stopped near where we were standing, telling whoever that she would call them back.

“What is going on out here?” She demanded, pinching my neck.


“I’m sorry, I just-“ Charlie shifted uncomfortably, looking off to the side. “Can I please come in?”

“No.” I said, at the same time my mom spoke.

“Sure sweetheart,” Moms agreed, right before Jak smacked me upside the back of my head, frowning.

“What?” I demanded, rubbing the spot that he smacked, while Lucy ass elbowed me out of the way and helped Charlie inside, shuffling her past me.

“You ignorant as fuck,” He commented, closing the door.

“We don’t know her ass like that for her to be in our house. She might steal.” I replied lowly, reaching out to take Karsyn’s carrier out of Charlie’s hand before she said something to my mom about needing to talk and they went into the kitchen.

Jak and I headed back to the couch, and I sat Karsyn’s carrier on the floor, unstrapping her so that I could take her out.

“Lemme see that fat ass baby,” Shy demanded, the moment she was free, taking her out of my hands.

“You got one more time to call my baby fat and ima slap the shit out yo ass.”

“And soon as you try it you gonna get yo ass jumped.” AK joked from where he was sitting, still holding his controller in his hands.

Punk ass look alike ass niggas always wanted to bank somebody with their lame asses.

Skyla got up from her place next to me and went and sat next to Shy so that she could play with the baby too, and I smirked a little bit at the sight. Them niggas always wanted to play like they ain’t fuck with each other, but ain’t nobody dumb.

I knew Shane and Skyla were fucking around. The only problem that I had with it is that I knew deep down Shy’s ass was a hoe, and the moment he fucked Skyla over I was in his muthafucking ass. That was just gonna be the day that he and Joel had to beat my ass because I wasn’t with the shits.

Don’t get me wrong, I had hands all on my own, growing up with these niggas I didn’t have a choice, but no matter how many times we fought, I knew I couldn’t beat they asses. Charge it to me being the youngest. I’d give them old muthafuckers a run for their money though. And neither one of them was fuckin with Jak, though Shy was close.

Skyla and I had been friends since I’d first moved to Washington Highlands, and transferred to a new elementary school. I used to get into so much trouble and so many fights, and I literally had no friends at all, until I met her. We just had an understanding of one another and had been cool ever since. A lot of people thought that we would end up dating, but I valued Sky too much to try her on that level. There was no way possible that I would ever be faithful to just one girl and to be honest, I was never into Sky like that. She was cute now, but God knows she was an ugly ass child, and I couldn’t risk my future kids coming out looking like she did before her glow up. Not to mention, she’d had a crush on Shy damn near all of her life, with her thirsty ass.

That nigga wasn’t even cute for real, but whatever floated her boat. He just better not ever hurt her ass.

“Real shit,” Jak chuckled. “Yo baby really is fat as fuck.”

I tossed a pillow as his dumb ass, hitting him square in the face. “Fuck you Julian.”

“KAYLIN ALEXANDER!” Lucy ass yelled my name from the kitchen like she’d lost her damn mind, and all of a sudden all eyes were on me.

“Ooooooooh.” The twins sang together, and I flipped them off before dropping my remote again, heading into the kitchen.

“Lucy why is you calling me like you crazy?” I asked jokingly, leaning up against the fridge and folding my arms.

“Sit down,” She said seriously, and I made a confused face before doing as she asked and taking a seat at the table.

“What I do?”

Clearing her throat, she rested on palm on the top of the counter, looking at me as if she wanted to kill me. “Kaylin,” She said again, and I knew I was in trouble, because she rarely ever called me by my first name, and now she’d done it twice within fifteen minutes. “You know that because you and your brothers are adults now, I try my hardest to stay out of your business and not bother with the things that you have going on, but how is it that you laid down and made a child, and literally know nothing about her mother?”

“Uhhhh, because she was a stranger?” I pointed out the obvious. “As long as I do what I gotta do for Karysn I feel like I’m good, so what’s the problem?”

“It’s never occurred to you to question why the mother of your child always has you meeting her at random places to pick up my granddaughter? Which you also failed to tell me about.”

“Again, as long as Karysn was good, I ain’t ask no questions, so again, why you looking at me like you wanna slap me?”

“Because this child doesn’t have a stable place to stay Kaylin.” She said lowly, and I glanced over at Charlie, thoroughly surprised. “And she hasn’t had one ever since she gave birth to your daughter.”

Hell, that was news to me, cause the last time I checked shorty told me she lived in Georgetown. But then again, bitches lied about everything nowadays so ain’t no telling if that was the truth or not.

Rubbing at the back of my neck, I shrugged a little bit thinking this was all a joke or some shit. “Well I mean really, who’s at fault pertaining to that? The mission always has empty beds so—“

“I’m not playing.” Lucy shot me a serious look and I kissed my teeth.

“Ma I don’t know what you want me to tell you, when I met her she said she lived in Georgetown, and I ain’t ever known any different, so how you gonna be mad at me that she homeless? Be mad at her, she the one that lied.”

“I didn’t lie.” Charlie jumped in to defend herself.

“Whatever you say homeless joe,” I waved her off, cause her not opening her mouth was the reason why I now had to deal with all this unnecessary ass bullshit.

I wasn’t out here balling, but what funds I did have, I used to make sure that Karysn had what she needed while she was with me. Her lil ass was never lacking for diapers, wipes, formula, anything while I kept her, and if Charlie was struggling then she should have opened her mouth and said something. Shit, as far as I knew her ass was paid and chilling and she ain’t ever told me anything different.

Now she got me sitting here looking like an ass in front of my moms because of whatever the hell she had going on that led her to my doorstep.

“So, what now?” I pointedly asked my moms, folding my arms across my chest.

“For right now, she can have Joel’s old room and-“

“Uh uh!” He shouted from outside the kitchen where I’m sure everybody was eavesdropping. “Where ima take my hoes!?”

“Jesus Christ.” Moms rubbed her forehead. “Lord give me strength.”

“Kaylin show her where the room is, and introduce her to your brothers and Skyla.” She demanded, walking out of the kitchen.

“Down the hall, second door on the right, and them niggas have voice boxes, they can introduce themselves.” I said to Charlie, standing to my feet. “I’m going back to play the game and spend time with my shorty.”

I headed back into the living room, noting that all the assholes now seated there were smirking at me.

“Better start keeping your door locked young blood,” Jak teased from where he was sitting with Karsyn snuggled on his lap. “she might steal.”

“Fuck you.”

“I mean, you at least gonna help her get her stuff?” AK questioned in reference to Charlie, who had yet to come out of the kitchen.

“Shit she been figuring shit out for this long with her fake ass, she got it.”

“You a whole asshole,” he said, standing up and heading into the kitchen, I’m sure to play captain save a baby mama with his old sensitive ass.

Niggas could have whatever opinion they wanted about me, but right now ..I was tight. I hated how bad this situation made me look to my moms, probably cause she was the only one who’s opinion I gave a shit about. She was disappointed in me over some shit that could have been avoided a long time ago, and it wasn’t sitting well with me. Until I got over it, Charlie could miss me with her bullshit. If what she had to say wasn’t dealing with Karsyn then I wasn’t hearing it. At all.

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