DMV – Post 5


Thursday, July 20th

“May I help you?” I asked these couple dudes that walked up into the small warehouse that was attached to one of the chop shops. It was where we’d normally do business at because no one needed to know where we actually kept the product that came in.

From my handy dandy study guide, as I liked to call it now, I recognized one of them. He ran a few areas in the northeast region of DC in Ward 5, Brentwood and Trinidad, if I wasn’t mistaken.

The dude who I didn’t recognize looked at me like he was hungry and not for food. “I don’t know. Can you?” He licked his lips.

Crossing my arms over my chest. I eyed the one I knew actually was somebody. “I’m looking for Devin,” he said.

“How may I help you?”

“You can’t. We’re not here to do business with his little bitch or side piece. So can you let him know Cairo is here?”

I smirked. This wasn’t the first time since I’d taken over things this past month that niggas have approached me on some bullshit because I was a female. And honestly I wasn’t here for it so I kindly dismissed their asses until they got some act right.

Walking away from them, I hopped up on the desk in the corner of the room and leaned back so I could grab my 9mm from the drawer and placed it behind me. You never know when mothafucker’s wanna jump stupid. “First of all I’m no one’s bitch or side piece so you can try that again. And secondly if you want to continue to do business with Kace or myself then I suggest you show a little respect.”

“Oh she a little feisty ain’t she,” Irrelevant said. He was as corny as they come.

“Look we just trying to get some new shit. Is Devin here or not?”

I rolled my eyes so hard at dumb and dumber as the back door to the warehouse creaked open. I looked over my shoulder to see Mr. Aggy himself. But I was happy to see his ass because he had my food.

“Yo!” Diego came walking in carrying the bag of food I’d ask him to bring me from Chick-fil-a. Picking up on the tension, he looked over at me before looking at Cairo and Corny. “Everything good in here?”

“Just peachy,” I said reaching out for my stomach’s desires.

“You Devin?” Cairo asked Diego who looked at me and I shrugged as I took the bag of food from his hand.

“Nah. But she is.” I side eyed the hell out of Diego as he pointed at me and sat in one of the chairs off to the side.

“See why you had to go and ruin my fun.”

Cairo and Corny looked taken aback. Surprise boys. I have a vagina. “Kace left some bitch in charge?” Jumping off the desk, I swiftly tucked my gun behind me as I walked up to Cairo and before he even realized what was happening, I had his balls in one hand and my gun at his temple. Cairo’s entire body tensed the fuck up and probably more so from my grip on his jewels than the gun to his head.

“Fuck Dev,” Diego said half laughing as he jumped up in case Cairo’s little friend wanted to do something dumb. There was no doubt in my mind that one or both of them were packing but you wasn’t about to keep callin’ me out my name.

“I really have a problem with niggas callin’ me out of my name. I mean I get it if you got a problem with working with a female but there’s no reason to be disrespectful.” Letting his balls go he let out a gasp and I backed up, tucking my gun back away. Not even pressed that he might pull one out on me. Try me if you want.

“Damn. I think I’m in love,” Corny said looking at me.

“Sweetheart I’m not even a little bit interested,” I said as I walked back over to the desk where my food was and opened up the bag. I pulled out my waffle fries to munch on. “So Cairo… “ I turned back around to face him as I leaned up against the desk. The blood was finally returning to his face and he looked pissed the fuck off. But hopefully he got some act right now. “You still want us as a supplier or not because we both already know, we supply the best there is.”


I was so tired by the time I walked into my house later that evening. Going straight into the kitchen, I grabbed the cookie dough ice cream that had been humming my name all day and fixed me a large bowl of it and then grabbed my bottle of Riesling from out of the ‘fridge to finish off.

Settling in front of my TV, I decided to ironically watch Fed Up, a documentary on childhood obesity while I stuffed my face.

I was halfway through Fed Up, when my phone went off and I figured it was Kacey from the number that popped up. 

“I quit,” I joked as soon as the call connected.

“Ah shit. What happened?” Kace asked chuckling. Kacey and I had been close for over seven years. He was undoubtedly the closest thing I had to family next to Diego. They both were like my little aggravating ass knights in shining armour. Though Kacey and I almost fucked shit up by trying to go from friends to lovers but I should have known his hoe ass wasn’t gon’ be able to make shit work but we got through that and were closer than ever. Even though he’d hurt me in that sense, I still knew without a doubt he would do anything for me and he’d always been there for me since he beat some dude ass for me in Juvie who didn’t understand the words ‘I’m not interested’.

“Dude from Brentwood. Um –” I paused as I snapped my fingers, trying remember his name.


“Right. Him. I had to show him I’m not the one.” I filled him in on what had happened.

“Yo simple ass. Didn’t I tell your ass you can’t just be pullin’ out ya glock on people.” I shrugged as this huge smile crossed my face as if he could see me.

“I’ve gotten so much better. I promise you.” If I knew Kace he was just shaking his head at me right now. “Anyway we were able to negotiate shit for his supply for the next three months so that’s that. I met with a few others as well. I just need you to just tell whomever is relaying to them that you put me in charge, that I don’t slang dick.”

“Shit sometimes I wonder how you be bossing the fuck up.”

“It’s just cause I’m a boss… duh,” I chuckled as I sipped the remaining bit of my wine. “Yeezy taught me.”

“Well shit I must be Yeezy. But anyway I like them having the element of surprise. Then you can entertain me with these stories.”

“You still ain’t shit.”

“Never gone be shit. So it seems like just about everyone who should be re-upping soon, you’ve met up with.” We tried to keep shit as organized as possible on the business end of things so we knew how much product we needed each month to make sure those who we supplied to got what they needed. Usually dealers we supplied to came in every two to three months to re-up.

“Yeah just about. You know a couple of ‘em said they didn’t want to work with me and would find another supplier.”

Kace kissed his teeth. “They’ll come crawling back when they see they gettin’ that low grade bullshit. Don’t even sweat it. You’re doing good, like I knew you would.”

I smiled proud of my own damn self. “Thanks. You know that Highlands dude hasn’t come by or hit up anyone though. I thought you said he was a regular.”

“Jak. Yeah he been loyal for years. But shit I might have to talk to him myself. He really don’t be fuckin’ with change.”

I rolled my eyes to the top of my head. “No. You not butting in. If he don’t want to work with me, he can kiss my entire ass with the rest of ‘em.”

Kace laughed “Calm down trilla. Anyway before I go, you know I need you to go drop some bread off to Farrah’s for–”

“Ew why?” I joked already knowing why.


“I swear between you and Diego. Y’all picked some of the most rude and annoying ass females.” Farrah was Kace’s baby mama. Also the chick he cheated on me with. I’ve gotten over that part but she swears he cheated on her with me so she don’t like me but she surely don’t turn down the money I drop off to her every few weeks for Miyah.

“I mean they can’t be you so we gotta get what we get. Besides that, I told Miyah you’d take her somewhere.”

“You are using her cuteness to your advantage.”

“Most definitely.” I snarled. “Anyway I’ll hit you back in a couple days and text this number if you need me. I love you D.”

“Love you too, bye.”


Friday, July 21st

In 5 days I went from having seven hundred dollars to five hundred. Something really was going to have to give and I was sure at this moment it was my pride. I didn’t think I was that prideful of a person but I just didn’t even know where to begin to ask Kaylin for help. Or how. The fact that he’s never once offered me any financial help makes things pretty difficult in my head.

I was so out of my comfort zone as I pulled up to where I thought Kaylin stayed. I had never been to his house because we’d always just meet up where I was so that he could get Karsyn. The only reason I had his address was because I when I found out I was pregnant and told my parents. My dad took it upon himself to do a complete background check on Kaylin. And even though it was clean, all they saw was that he was from one of the most dangerous and probably ghetto parts of D.C. and that could only mean that he had to be – as they put it – a hoodlum from the bottom of the barrel. Even after I told them that he seemed to have a pretty promising future in basketball and was going to Georgetown, their response was until he actually made it, he still was just some gangster who would probably treat me like shit and not take care of our child. And of course the fact that he did treat me like shit during my pregnancy really did not help how they saw him.

So luckily, I still had that paper and I hoped the address on here was correct because I had no intentions of driving all around Ward 8 looking for him and yesterday while I was trying to do a million and one things at once, I dropped my phone in the toilet and it wasn’t turning back on for nothing. So it wasn’t like I could call him.

Just my freakin’ luck.

To top that off, I was supposed to meet up with Kaylin yesterday so that he could get Karsyn but he didn’t know where to meet me, since my phone jumped to it’s death before I could tell him, so I’m sure he’s cursed me out from here to timbuktu and who knows he might even be a little worried or just pissed.

Sighing heavily, I finally worked up the nerve to get out of my car after I went around the block a couple more times and then found a parking spot a couple of buildings down. I went around to the back seat and got my munchkin out. The car ride had knocked her out so that was good. My car was packed to the brim with stuff. Suitcases full of my clothes, a travel crib, pampers galore (that thankfully Serena had hooked me up with), and a whole bunch of other baby stuff.

Gripping her carrier tightly in my right hand, I adjusted my diaper bag on my left shoulder and then knocked the back door of my car closed with my hip before locking my car. I didn’t want to be super duper cliche but I was only a little worried that my car wouldn’t be here when I got back. I had researched the area – don’t judge me – and the crime rate wasn’t very forthcoming. Luckily my windows were tinted so they couldn’t see all the crap I had inside.

I walked down the sidewalk passing a couple buildings until I came to the one Kaylin supposedly housed. The address just led me to the building but there were three apartments and I didn’t know which one was his so I was about to any mini miny mo this. Sucking in a deep breath I headed up the pathway that would hopefully take some of this stress off my shoulders.

I just needed a little help. He should at least be able to provide that.

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