DMV – Post 4

Joel "AK" Kingston

Monday, July 17th

I looked down at my phone as I walked out of my class. Shy had text me what time we were meeting up at the mall to spend some time with Cassidy so she could run us dry and raise my blood pressure. While I had my phone out, I sent a message to this lil shorty that I had been seeing for the past couple months to see if she wanted to chill later tonight.

Being that I hadn’t done too well last semester, I was taking summer classes so that I didn’t lose out on my financial aid. The sole reason why I even was going to school was the refund checks. I wasn’t dumb but I hated structured education and preferred to learn the shit I wanted to on my own. That was why I always excelled in my elective classes but the boring ass required courses was another subject.

I pushed through the doors of the student union and headed to the Krispy Kreme they had inside so I could grab a couple donuts for the road.

“Shy!” Some girl said coming up to me mistaking me for my twin as I walked out with my snacks. Shy and I were complete mirror images of each other. Like if we were standing in a mirror together, dressed the same, I’d have to speak to even know who the fuck I was. Outside of our family and very close friends, most people had a hard time knowing who was who (if we weren’t talking) and we only made it that much harder by having all the same tattoos. The tattoos started out as a joke but then we kept at it. That being said our personalities are damn near complete opposites.

“What’s up?”

“What are you doing here?” My eyes traveled down to the bag I had in my hand with three perfectly glazed donuts in it. They were hot and fresh too. Just like this chick who’s body language said it all. She giggled. You know that ‘oh my god you’re so funny come fuck me’ giggle. “Right. Well I mean are you taking classes or baseball practice or something?” she smiled as she twirled her hair. Now I don’t know why these groupies even go after Shane. Like he the shit or some shit. The nigga just aiiiighhhhht.

“You’re pretty fuckin’ nosey,” I said chuckling as I continued in the direction of the parking lot I’d parked in. Shorty thought I was being funny so she tagged along.

“I get that a lot. So where you about to go?” I frowned to myself. I wondered if chick actually even knew Shy or she was just trying to shoot her shot right now. Nah. There’s no way she could know Shy.

“Somewhere you not gone be.”

She chuckled and then lightly hit me on my arm and I side eyed the fuck out of her. “You’re funny. You should let me get your number.”

I huffed, amused. “Is that what you think? I mean what’s in it for me?”

She bit down on her lip. “A really good time.”

The girl was average looking. Barely. Lil light bright who probably thought she was the shit because she was a red bone but bitch the lie detector said that was a lie. She was doing too much already and I’d only known her for all of five minutes and she was annoying and clearly missed all the clues that I wasn’t interested. Well Shy wasn’t. Same. Same. So I’m positive I’d rather beat my dick then spend time with her.

“Well in that case let me give you my number.” I stopped so that she could give me her phone. She was all excited and shit but trying to act normal. “Text me and send a pic so I know it’s you.” I winked at her and left her standing on the sidewalk that led to the parking lot as I continued to my car.

I hope King read into her ass when she text him.


“Where KG went. I found the perfect thing for her,” I said as I made my way back over to where I’d left Skyla and my nappy headed sister.

Sky frowned at me as I held up this ugly ass shit I found in the plus size section that would fit KG like a burka. It was what she needed anyway. “She went to the restroom dummy.” Sky snatched the burka looking mess from me and placed it on a random rack.

I just shrugged like I ain’t see the problem as I exited the store and headed next door to Adidas right quick to cop some shoes I wanted. I went in and was about to walk right back out ‘cause all the sales associates were helping someone but then my eyes landed on KG as she approached some nigga across the way. Leaning against the side entrance of the door, I watched their interaction. They’re shaking hands… the fuck?! This nigga look like he the type to run game. We good bruh.

Now I wasn’t like some super overprotective brother or anything who didn’t want Cassidy to live her life and be happy but was it too fuckin’ much to ask that she stayed five all her life, never like boys (or girls), don’t grow up, and just be my goofy aggravating ass little sister. She got four brothers. What she need another nigga in her life for?

KG looked over her shoulder and dude disappeared like a ghost. At first I thought they’d peeped me but then I saw Shy out of the corner of my eye as he came further out of Forever 21. Smirking, I was about to walk out when one of the associates asked me what I needed.

“Yeah let me get the black and white all stars in a 10.5.”


“About time your ass got here,” I said as I opened up the door.

“You better be pressed to see me,” Kayona said as she came inside.

“You know I am,” I said pulling her into a hug. “You hungry?”

“And you’re cooking for me. Oh I think you like me.” She joked but it was the truth. The liking her part. The cooking I did for everyone ‘cause I just liked to do it.

“I like you a lil bit. Don’t go gettin’ a big head.” I smiled at her as she went and got comfortable on the couch. I was the only one home for now. But no telling if Shy would pop the fuck up or not with Sky in tow per usual. They fake ass relationship.

“Too late.”

“Yeah cause your ass was born with that big ass shit on your shoulders.”

After we killed the chili I had made, we were in my room just chillin’ and talking about dumb shit before I changed the subject and got serious on her. When it came to my feelings about someone I wasn’t one to hold back. I was gone lay it all out and though that had backfired a lot in the past, it was just how I did shit.

“On some real shit Yona, I’m feeling you so I gotta ask if you out here entertaining someone else.” Kayona and I had been seeing each other for a little over two months now. We worked on a project together in class last semester and by the end of the semester she was begging for the D. In the beginning of the semester I ain’t really pay her flirtations any mind because I was in a relationship at the time but by the end of the semester… that had been canceled and Kayona was looking damn good. So I gave her a taste and that turned into us spending time together and now I would be lying if I ain’t say somewhere down the line she had me really feeling her.

“When we first started talking I was but not anymore. Just you. I promise.” She bit down on her lip as she pulled me towards her and we both already knew shit was about to be on and poppin’.


Tuesday, July 18th

“Stop before I slap your ugly ass,” I mushed Kay. She kept pinching a nigga nipple and the shit hurt.

“Hush, you know better,” she lightly popped me on my forehead as she got up and headed into the kitchen to check on the food. We decided she’d spend the night at my crib since she worked all day Sunday, and had to babysit her little sister last night. I tried to spend as much time with her as I could when she was home for breaks and shit because while she was away at Howard, I couldn’t visit much because she was always so busy with her school work.

Ol’ nerdy ass.

“Move Bri,” Kayona whined as she used her foot to push my cat to the side. Yeah my cat’s name is Briana, worry about your momma and not my cat.

“Don’t talk to her like that, you say excuse me and watch your feet, I saw you kick her.”

Kay rolled her eyes and scrunched her face. “I’ll kick both of y’all honestly.”

“Try it and see what happens” I grabbed the remote to pause the movie we were watching and sat up. “That food ready yet bruh?” I asked, peeking over the counter that semi blocked my view from the living room.

“Relax greedy it’s almost—”

“Diego let me borrow your ketchup I just ran— whoops, my bad.” Devin paused when she saw Kay in the kitchen.

“Ummm what the fuck is this?” Kayona asked me, but her eyes never left Devin. “She got a key to your place?”

“Nah, the door was just unlocked.” Devin pointed over her shoulder towards the door.

“Oh so you can just—”

“You know where shit at Dev go ahead, get what you need.” I told her as I cut my eyes at Kay.

“Oh Wow.” Kay slammed the spoon down on the stove and walked over towards me as she bypassed Devin with fire in her eyes and walked over to me. “You serious right now?” She asked through gritted teeth.

Little did Kayona know Devin puts up with her ass because of me. If she really wanted to, Devin would’ve been dragged Kay little ass from here on up to Anacostia. But I actually loved Kayona so I haven’t allowed that to happen, but that doesn’t mean I can deal with her jealousy towards Devin either.

Devin was my best friend, my nigga, granted we’ve only known each other for almost 4 years but I’ve never met a female as loyal her. Besides, I would never cheat on Kayona but I don’t think she understands that. It bothered me at times but I just pushed the shit to the side and keep working with her until she does.

“Chill,” I grumbled as I pulled Kay into my room. She flopped down on my bed with a death scowl. “You need to chill the fuck out. She is just my friend. My best friend at that, I’ve known her longer than you. How can you honestly expect me to kick her to the curb?”

“No, how can you honestly expect me to be okay with another female walking up into your place like she live here too or some shit?” Kay crossed her arms.

“That’s my fault, I usually let her know when you’re here so she doesn’t come down or if she needs something I can take it to her. I’m sorry.” I grabbed her face, forcing her to look at me.

“Stop Adrian.” She snatched away from me. “You love taking her damn side, have you ever stood up for me when you’re talking to her?”

“Yes I have actually! Plenty of times I’ve stop—” I ate the words. Kay didn’t need to know her life was at risk talking out her neck to Devin.

“Stopped what?”

“Nothing. Fuck it, I’m done talking about this.” I shrugged.

“Tuh.” She laughed, standing up and heading back to the kitchen. I assumed Devin had bounced because Kay didn’t say any slick shit. I grabbed my phone and sent Dev a text.

Me: Dev i’m really sorry yo

Best Friend Dev: It’s cool, fuck her lol

Me: Chill

Best Friend Dev: I’m picking your next girlfriend

Me: Bet lmfaooooo!!!

Walking into the kitchen, Kay stood in front of the stove stirring the pot with one hand and her phone in the other, cheesing at whatever she was looking at.

“You still mad at me?” I asked wrapping my arms around her waist from behind.

She jumped and quickly put her phone to sleep then sat it down on the counter. “Of course I am.” She glanced over her shoulder at me.

“Let it go.” I kissed on her neck.

“No, fuck you Adrian.”

“Stopppp,” I whined, nibbling on her ear.

She shivered and I smiled inwardly as she said, “Okaaaayyyy…. Okay.” My eyes met her as she smiled, biting her lip all sexy and shit. Turning to face me, she wrapped her arms around my neck while leaning in for a kiss. “Hopefully you’re not expecting a sorry.”

“An apology from Kayona? Oh never.” I shook my head. “I just hate it when you’re mad at me.”

“You need to learn to stop pissing me off then.”

“You just find anything to be mad at me about.”

“Boy bye, No I do not.” She pushed me away. “This food ready though.” She turned and shut off the stove.

“Finally.” I grinned, slapping her ass before reaching over her to grab a plate from the cabinet.

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