DMV – Post 3

Julian "Jak" Kingston

Monday, July 17th

“Yo,” I grumbled into my phone, tossing the book that I had been reading next to me on the couch.

“Hey,” Avery’s voice slightly slurred through the receiver.

“What’s up A?”

“You busy?”

“Nah,” A grin crossed my face. I already knew where this conversation was going to lead, with the two of us in her bedroom as I blew her back out.

“You tryna come over?”

Glancing down at my watch, I noted that I had about 2 hours to get to her spot before the meeting I’d called with my crew to discuss the whole Keys situation. I may have been a street nigga and held my own when necessary, but that didn’t mean I was willingly ready to step foot in an all around street war. When it came to war all bets were off, and niggas tended to play dirty. They would do anything to end up up top, including going after your family.

Shane could handle himself, but the rest of my brothers, my sister and especially my mama were my responsibility. The last thing I wanted was for them to end up paying the consequences of my shit, so I was going to try my hardest to keep a tight handle on what I had going on before things got out of control.

Pulling myself up from the couch, I grabbed my keys and headed out of my spot to see what Avery was on. I’d just made it to my car when my phone went off again, flashing my homeboy Derrick’s name.

I didn’t deal with too many people since I wasn’t a friendly ass nigga, but there were a few people I could tolerate outside of my family and Derrick was one of them. When it came to business, outside of Shane he was probably the only one I trusted to keep things in line when I wasn’t around.

“What’s good bro?”

“Where you at? I gotta holla at you on some serious shit.”

“It can’t wait?”

“Nah, and this some face to face shit.”

“Aight, I’ll meet you at the spot in a few.”

We ended the call, and I sent Avery a short text saying there was a change of plans and I would link up with her later and switched up course to meet up with Derrick and see what was so important.


“What’s good bro?” I questioned, walking into the small storefront that we owned and sold local clothing brands out of  to try and help clean up the money we brought in from moving weight.

“What up?” He extended his hand over the counter towards me, dapping me up.

“Ain’t shit. And whatever you tell me better be some serious shit, I had to turn AV down to come here.”

“Shit it ain’t like she the only one you got in your pocket,” Derrick laughed.

“Mind yo business and stay out of mine,” I replied jokingly, leaning across the counter. “What’s up though?”

“Aight,” He sighed, running a hand down his face. “Word is, Kace is looking at some serious time.”

“For real?” I raised an eyebrow, thinking about how much of a problem that posed for my organization. Kace was easy to work with and one of the best suppliers around price and product wise. Him being locked up was already a problem, and finding out that he was looking at real time meant somebody new would have to slide in the picture.

That shit wasn’t sitting too well with me.

“Yeah,” Derrick nodded grimly. “I don’t know all the details behind it, but what I do know is that he’s supposedly turning shit over to some nigga named Devin.”

“How you figure that?”

“Zarrius hit me about setting up a meeting for you to meet with the nigga and see what y’all can work out.”

I wasn’t too familiar with Zarrius. I’d seen him around a few times that I met up with Kace but I didn’t know him enough to trust him or anybody else when it came to my money or my freedom.

“Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I straightened up, running a hand down my face. “I’d rather start from the bottom and look for a new supplier.”

“You sure you wanna go that route?” Derrick raised an eyebrow. 

“Yeah. If Kace is in some shit with the feds, that means they’re probably already eyeing his org anyway. I don’t need that type of heat my way. I ain’t a fan of new people, but I also ain’t tryna end up in jail.”

“Whatever you wanna do I’m with it. I’ll monitor the product we have now and keep you up on what’s what.”

“Aight bruh, I’ll get at you later.”

We dapped each other up again and went our separate ways. I started to hit AV up to see if I could still finesse my way into sliding past her spot, but before I could even get to her name in my phone I had another call coming.

I couldn’t even help the smile that spread across my face. 

“What’s up?” I answered for Nikki, the bitch in my rotation that I’d been fucking around with the longest. She had her childish moments, but her performance in the bedroom tended to erase all of that shit.

“I’m coming over.” She announced without even bothering to ask if I was home or not or if I had plans. I would say I was surprised, but I wasn’t in the least bit. That was Nikki. Spoiled, pushy and demanding.

“I’m out, but I’ll be there in a few.”

“See you soon.”

Tossing my phone into my passenger seat, I started my car and headed home, hoping that this entire Kace situation wasn’t going to be as much of a headache as I foresaw it to be.

Cassidy "KG" Kingston-Grant

Monday, July 17th

“Ooooh, I love this,” I said, holding up the dress to get a better look at it ..before AK all but snatched it out of my hands. Something told me to leave his annoying and overbearing ass at home but being the good sister that I was, I let him come with me on a shopping trip.

Lesson learned. Never again.

“I don’t, it’s too short. We putting it back.” He replied, hanging the dress back up on the rack.

“Ughhh!” I let out an annoyed sigh, as Skyla giggled to the right of me, continuing to thumb through the rack.

I was super geeked when I realized that I was spending time with my brothers today, but that excitement quickly dwindled once they started acting like fools over what I could or could not wear. They were starting to pluck my nerves and I was about to beg Jak to call this shopping extravaganza off and just go get something to eat instead.

My phone buzzed in my hand, and I scanned Tay’s message about some new boy that she met, before all the water that I’d drank earlier at the basketball court began to kick in.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” I told Skyla, since AK had walked off and she just nodded, continuing to sort through the rack of shirts.

Making the quick trip to the bathroom, I was on my way back to the Forever 21 in the mall, when the unmistakable feeling that somebody was watching me began to creep through me, and I glanced up, looking around and spying cutie from the party.

He was watching me, hard, and if not for the fact that I had good coordination skills, I would have like ran into the damn pole in front of me from staring back.

When I looked back over at him he was chuckling a little bit, and I smiled shyly while he motioned me over.

I knew that I was taking a gamble being that my brothers were in the mall with me, but I was curious about this boy, so I made my way over.

“What’s up beautiful?” He nodded when we were just a few feet apart, smirking from where he was standing with his back up against the wall.

Unable to hide the blush that I’m sure was creeping up on my face, I waved lightly. 

“You Taylor’s friend, right?” He questioned extending his hand to me, and I nodded, taking it.

“I’m Cassidy, but mostly everybody calls me-”

“KG.” A smile crossed his face as he finished my sentence for me. “I know who you are. You nice as fuck with the rock.”

Sliding my hand out of his grip, I ran it up and down my arm, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth. “Thank you.”

“I’m Roman, and it’s nice to meet you,” he eyes shifted so that he was looking past me. “But I think your brother is looking for you.”

I turned around, seeing indeed that Shy was walking out of Forever 21 with his famous scowl on his face, and when I turned back around to Roman, he was already walking off.

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