DMV – Post 10


Wednesday, July 26th

I pulled up into the chop shop with a Toyota Corolla I had pulled a GTA on about thirty minutes ago from the North of Massachusetts (NoMa) area in Northeast D.C..

“Ah shit now,” Rod said rubbing his hands together before I could even get out of the car good enough. “This the best thing I got all day. Niggas been trying my life with whack shit and wanting me to pay them well.”

I shook my head as we dapped each other up. “What’s good Rod?”

“Same shit. Different day. Good to see you young blood.” He came over and popped the hood so he could inspect the car. “Where you got this from?”


“That’s what’s up. Second car that came from over there today.”

“Rod.” A brown skinned chick came out the back. She eyed me for barely a second before looking at him. “I’m heading out.”

“Aiight Vinny,” he said and she disappeared.

“Who that?” I leaned up against the wall. I had never seen her before and I’d been here a few times over the last couple years. Stealing cars wasn’t something I did often but maybe two to three times a year just to keep my pockets from being too dry.

“Why? You interested?” Rod joked per usual.

“Nah I got my hands tied up with the one I’m seeing now.”


I kissed my teeth and rolled my eyes at the mention of my ex. “Nah fuck her. I’m seeing this new chick. She aggy as fuck,” I joked, “but she got a nigga feelin’ her brownie ass.”

Rod shook his head, “Them chocolate ones will get niggas caught up every time. I should know.” He referred to his wife who was definitely a baddie. “But my nigga I swear just about every time I see you, you on to the next.” He continued checking the car. His ass better give me a few good stacks for this shit.

I balled up my face at his over exaggerating ass. “Nigga fuck you.”

“But that’s who Kace left in charge.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Really? I ain’t never really seen her around before.”

“She was pretty low-key before but I been around her for a while and Kace ain’t make a dumb decision.“

I nodded. “That’s what up. My brother know?” I knew Jak got his supply from Kace and many people were aware the nigga got pinched a little over a month ago.

Rod huffed. “He came by yesterday. They got along great.”

I laughed cause I knew that was a bold face lie. “So they got into it?”

“Just a little bit.” I could only imagine how shit went as I looked down at my phone. I had hit up Kayona a couple hours ago and she still hadn’t hit me back though she’d read the message. So I sent that ass another one. “She even swung on him.”

“Word?” My head snapped up and Rod nodded. “Damn I would have paid money to see that shit.”

“It was a sight.”

“Anyway,” I said checking my watch, “how much we talkin’?”


I was letting Charlie and my niece out of my house when Kayona black ass pulled up. I had asked to watch Karsyn for a little because I couldn’t get enough of her fat self.

“So you finally decided to show up,” I said to Kayona as she walked up the pathway. She had this smug look on her face as she watched Charlie walk into my mom’s nem spot.

“Well seems like you had someone to keep you busy anyway.”

“Ain’t even nothing like that.” I moved to the side so she could walk inside and then before she could sit down in the living room area I pushed her towards my room. I had just finished eating not too long ago and I felt the itis coming on.

“So who is she then?” she questioned as we walked into my room and I immediately laid out on the bed. I was a little aggravated with Kayona because she for one took forever to hit me back up today and then when she did hit me back a couple hours ago… she said she was about to pull up and here we are hours later and she just getting here.

“Why you been ignoring me and shit all day?” I jumped over her question.

“I told you I got caught up with my sister and my mom and stuff at the mall. I didn’t mean to babe. But don’t try to change the subj–“

“She my brother baby mama. I was watching my niece since I got tired of waiting for you to come entertain me.”

“I’m sorry, don’t be mad. And she really better be your brother baby mama.”

I gave her a small look for questioning me but let it ride. “And you betta had been with your family,” I shot back.

“Of course I was,” she said, leaning over onto the bed and pulling my face towards her to give me a kiss before going to the bathroom.

“AK,” Kayona shook me a few minutes later as I was about to doze the hell off. I could feel her lay down next to me.

“What big head?” I asked with my eyes still closed. A nigga was tired as fuck from the food and playing with Karsyn and though I was happy that Yona finally brought her little ass by, I wanted us to just chill and cuddle or some shit so that I could be great and sleep.

She kissed her teeth. “I ain’t come over here for you to sleep.”

“What you came over here for then with your can’t tell time ass?” I asked through a yawn and she popped me in my mouth. I literally took my hand and pushed her ass off my bed. My eyes were still closed but how she screamed out and the thud I heard, I’m sure she hit the floor.


“See what happens when you can’t keep your hands to yourself.” I chuckled to myself as she punched me in the chest.

“You better stop before I really boss the fuck up.”

“Whatever,” she said and I could hear the aggravation in her voice as the bed shifted. “I came to spend time with you not watch you sleep.”

I yawned again not being able to stop myself. “Well you should have came when I wasn’t tired. And you know you lying. You over there buggin’ ‘cause you want me to break your back in.”

“So are you going to or not? ‘Cause I can go.”

I opened my eyes and cut them her way. She was unlocking her phone and I snatched it out her hand and she looked at me so quickly. “So you can’t just spend some fucking chill time with me unless I’ma give you the D?”

“Give me my phone Joel.” She got up on her knees and tried to grab it back but I was too fast for her ass.

“Answer my question.”

Sitting back on her knees she huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m just saying if you were gonna go to sleep on me you should have told me you were tired but I could come if I wanted to anyway.”

“Man you bugging the fuck out right now.” I threw her phone at her and turned onto my side. “You know where the door at.” I was too tired to beg her ass to stay and just chill with me and I wasn’t about to give her any so she could bounce if that’s what she wanted.


Wednesday, July 26th

“Shit Kay,” I moaned as she rocked back and forth on top of me. “Fuck.” I slapped her ass.

She coo’d then sucked me into her deeper. “Damn it Adrian,” she whined. Pressing her hand on my chest, she grinded to her own beat as she made eye contact with me. “You love me?”

“Mmmhm,” I moaned. If she kept at that pace, I was a goner.

“I know.” She smirked, as she picked up the pace. Cocky ass.

“Shiiittt,” I groaned. A nigga was getting got. “Baby, I’m ‘bout to nut.” The sexy smirk on her face took me into overdrive and I grabbed her waist and took over. All that shit she’d been talking came to a halt as I fucked her senseless, flipping her over like a rag doll and pounding it from the back. It didn’t take much longer before I released inside her little ass. I planted a few kisses on the back of her neck before I got up to hit the bathroom. After coming back I plopped down in her bed exhausted as hell.

She’d called me, begging me to come break her off and I had to oblige but now a nigga was about to sleep like a baby.

I woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss and got the shock of my night to see Kay’s spot empty and her to be nowhere in the spot she shared with her cousin for the summer.

I went back into the room and called her, no answer. After calling her for the 3rd time she answered on the last ring. “Where the fuck is you at?” I snapped as soon as she said hello.

“Why are you yelling Adrian?”

“Because I came over to your place to chill with you, and you just up and leave? Let me pull some shit like this and it’s over for my ass.”

She huffed. “You’re tripping I just stepped out with Sharice and Jadah. We just finished smoking.”

The fuck? “It’s the middle of the night. I feel like you lying scrap.”

“What the fuck I gotta lie to you for?” she shot back.

“When have you ever left me for them? Especially when we’re already together. What if your cousin wake up, you think she gone be cool with me being here without you?”

“Adrian I said I’m about to come home and she wouldn’t trip. She know you my dude and you be there. I’m sure she heard you breaking me in.”

She giggled like this shit was a joke. “Bet, and when you do imma slap the shit out you. I take time out my night to spend with my girl, and you pull this shit? I coulda been out making money. You got me fucked up.” I hung up. I really wanted to believe Kayona. That’s really my shorty, and I don’t have trust issues — much — but what is a nigga to think when you wake up and your bitch is gone with a lame ass excuse? She ain’t the most honest chick and I know that because I’ve caught her in some lies before but like I tell her all the time, she has no reason to lie to me.

I can’t lie when I say I’ve been having my doubts lately but I have nothing to prove them so I just push the thoughts out of my mind. But if she keeps doing shit like this…… Man listen.


“You better stop pulling guns out on people nigga.”

“I’m just tired of these wack ass niggas trying to play me.” Devin rolled her eyes. She’d been catching me up on her latest chronicles at the shop and dealing with Kace’s clients.

“That’s what they’re gonna do. You keep doing what you doing and these niggas will learn to respect you.”

“You right Malcom X.”

“Man fuck you.” I laughed, as I took another bite into my cone. I had asked Dev out for an ice cream date to clear my head. I was still upset about the shit Kayona had pulled last night needed to vent. I’m sure I’d be back up her ass by the weekend though, sadly.

“But about this lil girlfriend of yours.” Devin smirked with a big roll of her eyes.

“Dev, I’m ready to whoop this girl ass man.” I shook my head.

“Do it,” she encouraged. “Well no, let me do it.” She giggled while licking her ice cream. Devin was known to drag bitches when need be. I wouldn’t want to sic her on Kay without real reason.

“If I find out she cheating on me, she’s all yours.”

“I can’t wait.” She grinned. Her little evil ass. “But what happened?”

I gave her the breakdown, getting annoyed all over again.

“The fuck?” she scrunched up her face. “Where the hell was she at that time of morning?”

“Apparently she went out on the block to smoke with her friends.” I made a face because Kayona wasn’t even a big smoker like that so the shit was suspect as is.. “I started to pull up on her and beat the fuck out her ass. Then she comes back all nonchalant and shit.”

“You choked her didn’t you?” Devin laughed, she knew me so well.

“A little, but she liked the shit with her crazy ass.” I laughed along with her. “But I woke up this morning still aggravated by this shit.”

“Man,” Devin sang. “Just give me the word and I’ll box her little head in.”

“I know you will but for now, simmer down Ali.”

“For now.” She shrugged. “What you got planned for the weekend?”

“Miles coming over so we’ll probably get into some shit.” Miles was my younger brother who was actually my cousin but his mom — my aunt — had raised me since my mom left me when I was four. To my aunt, I was her first born and miracle. She’d had three miscarriages before me and had been told the likelihood of her having her own child was slim. So when my biological mom jumped ship, my aunt thought I was God sent and raised me as her own. However, her true miracle came in the form of Miles. He’d been a premie but the little homie made it and she raised us both as her children.

She never said much about my mother except she wasn’t fit to be a mom but I could give a fuck about that woman. The only mother I had was gone and I was still struggling with that but I tried my best to be strong for Miles. Her death had been so sudden. At 53, she had a stroke in her sleep.

Thankfully Miles had been at his dad’s house when it happened so I was the one who found her. That day still replays in my head at random over a year later.

After the funeral, Miles moved in with his dad and he comes to stay with me a few times out the month. His teenage ass would love to stay with me permanently because he know he’d have freedom but I know he needs structure. Besides, his dad lived in a better area than I did. He didn’t need to see all the shit I was doing anyway. I wanted better for the little nigga.

“Oh tell me little boo I said hey.”

I shook my head. “He swear you his girl.”

“Look at me already pulling the youth.”

“Shut up.” I frowned as I finished the last of my ice cream. “Nasty ass.”

She giggled. “So… have y’all started cleaning out Mom’s apartment?”

Devin knew the answer to this but I knew why she always brought it up. May made a year since my mom passed and I was still paying the rent on her apartment because I had yet to work up whatever the hell I needed to go through her stuff.

“I’ma do it soon,” I lied, giving the same answer I always did and she responded the same way she always did.

“When the time comes, I’ll be here.”

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