DMV – Post 1

Cassidy “KG” Kingston-Grant

Saturday, July 15th

“No.” I said firmly, looking up from the book of random photos that I had been putting together for the past few months.

“C’mon Cass, pleaseeeeeeeee.” She begged from the side of the bed that she’d designated as her side when we’d become good enough friends for my grandmother to be okay with her spending the night.

Taylor was a year older than me, and we’d met at a student athlete mixer during my freshman and her sophomore year in high school. She was a cheerleader, and I was on the girls basketball team. We lived in different neighborhoods, and went to different schools, but Brittany, the chick who had thrown the mixer, invited people who then invited other people, and the student mixer ended up being one of the wildest parties that I’d ever been to in my life. 

She and I had been joined at the hip from the minute we met, and even after graduating, nothing had changed. She was my right hand, I was her left, and together we were nothing but trouble.

“Taylor,” I sighed, flipping the book closed and before I could even go down the long laundry list of why I didn’t wanna go to whatever party it was that she was trying to drag me to tonight, she jumped in, cutting me off.

“We haven’t seen each other in three days,” She threw on her best pout. “I miss your face and we need to catch up.”

“And we’re gonna be able to talk and catch up in a loud, crowded house party?” I giggled a bit at how dramatic and extra she was, placing the book on my nightstand and climbing off the bed.

Taylor had a way of talking me into doing shit that I knew I had no business doing, so I knew that there was no way that I was getting out of going to this party. I just wanted her to admit why she really wanted to go, and it damn sure wasn’t because she missed me.

Her face curled into a smirk before she answered my question, “Possibly.”

“You think you’re so slick.” I placed my hands on my hips. “Nine times out of ten you only wanna go to this party cause it’s some raggedy ass negro in attendance you want to bag.”

“You know what,” She pursed her lips. “You’re gonna think back on this negative attitude and regret it when you’re standing next to me and my new man at our wedding, and in the hospital with me while I’m giving birth to our child.”

She was so damn serious that I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. “Oh my God, you’re entirely too much for my life.”

“And you, are taking entirely too long to agree to come with me, so I’m agreeing for you. You’re coming.” A wide smile crossed her face as she climbed off of my bed, bouncing to the closet to pull out a few different items.

As much as she plucked my nerves, I appreciated having Taylor in my life. Especially after having to grow up with four older brothers. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them to death, but I’d always wished that there was another girl to share bearing the brunt of their crazy asses. Being the only “Kingston” girl wasn’t an easy task, especially since their insensitive asses didn’t know a damn thing about how to deal with women. They treated me pretty much like I was a boy, since they’d only really grown up with each other.

Meeting Tay was like a breath of fresh air, and I finally had somebody to talk to about things other than basketball and whatever other stupid things my brothers liked to talk about, that usually led them getting into arguments.

Taylor helped find me something to wear, and did my make-up, and then we headed out. As much of an introvert as I was, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to letting my hair down for once and party without having to worry about my brothers breathing down my back.

“Oh my gosh!!!!!” Tay squeaked, grabbing my arm as we made our way through the front door of the crowded house party in Fairlawn. “There he is!”

She pointed off to the left, and I could just make out the silhouette of Joshua Nurse, the former star quarterback of Taylor’s old high school. I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes due to all the groupies he was surrounded by. That’s why she didn’t want to open up and tell me the real reason why she wanted to come. She knew I would have cussed her ass out.

Josh was what one would consider the shit, and he knew it, which didn’t do much for me but Tay loved every part of it. I couldn’t understand why.

I continued to scan the party, and my heart fell a little bit as I spied brother King, with some girl grinding all over him. So much for being able to party without running into any of them.

Kaylin, or King as everybody preferred to call him, was like the Josh of the basketball world. He ruled the basketball court of Anacostia High and was easily one of the school’s most popular boys before he graduated. 

We were the same age with me being a few days younger, and for reasons that I’d yet to get to the bottom of he also hated my guts. My relationship or lack thereof with King was confusing for a while, because while he went out of his way to make my life a living hell, he made it clear that nobody in school was to fuck with me, or they’d have a problem with him. For a long time I thought it was because he secretly cared, but then I found out that he only did it because the elders as I called them, Julian, Joel, and Shane told him that if anything happened to me and he didn’t do anything to prevent it, they’d beat his ass.

I loved all of my brothers, King included no matter no difficult he was, so I’d never give up on trying to build something with his evil ass. Even though he didn’t make it easy for me.At all.

“Don’t even worry about him.” Taylor advised, following my line of sight and spying King. She knew all about my relationship with him and the way that he treated me. “We look cute, and it’s too many cute niggas in here for you to let your asshole of a brother ruin your mood.”

She flipped her hair, and I chuckled a little at her, feeling my spirits lift just as I happened to make eye contact with this boy across the room from me, a few feet away from King.

He was pressed up against the wall with a drink in his hand, holding a strong, solid gaze with me. I took in his features, noting how attractive he was, before Tay nudged me again, squealing with excitement.

“Josh is moving! Let’s go!”

Reluctantly dragging my attention away from Mr. Mysterious, I allowed her to pull me into the throng of party-goers in her hunt for Josh, and by the time we caught up to him and I looked back around for cutie, he was gone.

Kaylin “King” Kingston

Still Saturday

“Okay boy! I see you!” My nigga Rell cheered as some chick that was on the dance team twerked her thick ass all over me to Naggin, by the Ying Yang Twins. After all of the stupid team meetings I’d had to go to on campus, and having my lil shorty Karsyn three days straight out of the week with her crybaby ass, I needed a serious release. And if shorty kept dancing on me the way that she was, I was gonna end up sliding her off in one of these rooms to get it.

Then again, that might not have been the best idea. Trying some shit like that at a party a while ago was how I fucked around and got trapped by my baby mama, but that’s neither here nor there. Pressing my back up against the wall, I pushed my hips out a little bit further, slapping homegirl’s ass before grabbing a handful of the phat ass cheeks that were hanging out of her shorts. Yeah, she was getting fucked tonight, the hell with the bullshit.

Or she was at least sucking a nigga’s dick.

“Hey King,” This other girl whose named I couldn’t remember, but who I was pretty sure that I’d fucked a week before cause I remembered her long ass braids, sang, walking up on me as if she didn’t see thickums practically dry fucking me right now.

Shorty that was dancing on me rose up, blocking me from old girl that was attempting to get my attention.

“Bitch, he’s busy.”

“Girl fucking bye, you think you something just cause he dancing with you? He ain’t even gonna remember your name at the end of the night.” Baby girl with the braids spat, giving thicker than a snicker a dirty look.

I chuckled loud enough to capture both of their attention. “Shit, you may be right about that poetic justice, cause I damn sure don’t remember yours. You had some bomb ass pussy though, I think, if you the chick I’m thinking about. I know I hit at least three that week.” A shocked look crossed her face, before she got her shit together and drew back to make the biggest mistake of her life and try and slap me, but it must be jelly cause jam don’t shake like that wasn’t having it, and pushed her back, starting an intense argument between the two of them.

Ducking off because I wasn’t with the drama, I made my way through the crowd to another area of the party and spied my best friend Skyla standing off on her own, texting on her phone with her lame ass. A small smile crossed my face as I walked up on her, leaning over her shoulder.

“Who the fuck you over here textin?” I questioned, damn near making her drop her phone.

“King,” She huffed, elbowing me roughly before turning around to face me with a small smirk on her face. “You so irritating.”

“You love me though, and what’s up with you? Why you over here all alone?” I questioned, leaning up against the wall and folding my arms across my chest.

Finishing up with typing her message, Sky slipped her phone in her back pocket. “I wasn’t. I was talking to your sister before her friend pulled her away, and right after that, you walked up.”

Her mentioning what was technically the youngest of the Kingston clan instantly put me in a bad mood. Fighting the urge to roll my eyes, I instinctively scanned the crowed and spied Cassidy on the other side of the room with some brown skinned nigga all in her face, while homegirl that she was with was throwing it on my nigga Josh heavy.

A majority of me was irritated as fuck that she was here, but I wasn’t about to let her presence fuck up my night. To say that I didn’t fuck with my little “sister” was an understatement. My pops fucking around and making her had fucked up my family, and broke my mother’s heart. I didn’t give a shit about a lot of things, but my mama wasn’t one of them. I’d die for her in a heartbeat, without question, and KG’s existence caused her pain, therefore I didn’t fuck with it. No matter how much Lucy claimed to be okay with things now.

Though I couldn’t stand her, I’d never do some big wild shit like let KG get her ass whopped in front of me or some shit like that, cause my brothers would likely jump the fuck out of my ass and I ain’t want them problems. Being the youngest and the only girl, KG had them niggas wrapped, and I couldn’t understand it. She was the reason why we’d had to move to the godforsaken hell hole that was our neighborhood, and why our mama had to struggle. But they ain’t see it like I did so whatever. As long as she stayed the fuck out of my way, they could do whatever the hell they wanted with her.

“King don’t start,” Sky said, shooting me a warning look.

I just shrugged. “I’m chilling.”

Normally when KG and I were in the same vicinity I’d fuck with her until I made her cry or some shit, but I was on a mission to get my dick wet tonight so I’d let her be.

Sky pulled her phone out of her pocket again, and I spied the little baddie that used to be the head of my high school step team strolling past, so I grabbed her arm.

“What’s up?” I questioned, licking my lips while looking her up and down.

A frown crossed her cute ass face. “Can I help you?”

Letting out a small laugh, Sky shook her head and walked off, already knowing where things were about to go.

“Damn baby girl why you being so mean?” I pursed my lips. “I just wanted to holla at you for a minute.”

She kept up her evil facial expression, but I noticed her eyes shoot down to my print and I knew I had her. There were a few bitches that tried to act like they didn’t wanna fuck with me like that, but I appreciated the chase. It gave me something to do. Bet money by the end of the night I was gonna be digging all up in her shit while she was screaming my name. And if I didn’t, my name wasn’t Kaylin Alexander Kingston.

Shane “Shy” Kingston

Saturday Blues

“What’s good with you Shy?” Tymeeze, one of the niggas that worked under Jak questioned, approaching me slowly, with his hand out to dap me up.

Taking my time to text Skyla back first, I dropped my phone on my lap, hitting him with a head nod. 

Lowering his hand slowly, he chuckled uncomfortably, using his other hand to rub at the back of his neck. Studying his body language, I knew that he was about to tell me some shit that was gonna fuck up somebody’s night once I got ahold of their ass. Shit, it might be their final fucking night.

“The thing that Jak needed taken care of, there’s a complication.”

Adjusting myself on the brick steps, I let both of my hands rest in my lap while Tymeeze shifted nervously.

“What the fuck is complicated about it?” I demanded, speaking in a calm, controlled tone.

“The house where the hit is supposed to take place, it’s a party going on.”

I looked at him like he was the fuck stupid, because I knew damn well that he wasn’t worried about a few muthafuckers that weren’t on the hit list dying. “And?”

“KG is there,” He mumbled, not making eye contact with me, and I tensed up. “And Skyla.”

I stood to my feet and he backed up quickly, holding up his hands. Sky had told me earlier that she was planning on going to a party, but she’d conveniently left out that it was in Fairlawn. Not that she knew anything about what was going on in the background, but still I was gonna fuck her ass up after she and KG’s asses were snatched up out of there.

“Chill out bruh, I’m cool.” A light chuckle escaped my lips over how stressed he was.

To others, he may seem like a pussy ass nigga, but in reality, Tymeeze was smart as fuck. I had made more than a few examples out of niggas on Jak’s team when they told me some shit I didn’t like, even going so far as to dead a nigga with my bare hands in front of them so that they knew without a doubt that I wasn’t to be fucked with.

It was something wrong with my mind. I knew it, hell everybody around me knew it, and for that reason, they stayed the fuck out of my way.

Meeze was damn near sweating bullets, so I decided to put him out of his misery.

“Find my brother and let him know where to meet me.” I instructed simply, jogging down the steps and sliding my hands in my pockets.

Riding into Fairlawn wasn’t the best move for either Jak or I right now, since we were engaged in a power struggle at the moment.

It was well known around the hood that Jak ran Washington Highlands. I wasn’t as deep in the streets at him, but when he really needed to make somebody disappear, I was the nigga that made it happen.

For whatever reason, Keyton, or Keys, the nigga that ran Fairlawn had gotten disrespectful as fuck and began trying to recruit niggas from our hood in order to try and convince them to turn on Jak and secretly work for Keys, while giving off the impression that they were still down for Jak.

As easy as it would have been to cut the snake operation off at the head, killing Keys would start a complete war between the whole 8th ward, as niggas would likely begin coming at each other over and over again to try and takeover other hoods until it was nothing but bloodshed in the streets. So, the most we’d decided to do is take out the snake ass niggas that thought we wouldn’t find out about their shady ass ways.

Tonight we’d gotten word that Sam one of the niggas that had flipped on Jak  was gonna be chilling at a house party out Fairlawn tonight, so Jak had given the order for him to be taken out. Since the hit should have been as easy as taken candy from a damn baby, I decided to pass the job off to someone else, cause easy tasks did absolutely nothing for me.

Approaching my car, I unlocked the door and slid in, feeling my phone vibrating in my pocket as I got comfortable in my seat.

I started the car while pulling my phone out, scanning the message from Jak.

Skyla and KG being at this party complicated shit. There weren’t a lot of things in this world that I cared about, including my own life, but outside of my mama and my niece, Skyla and KG were my world, and I wasn’t about to let either of them get caught up in the crossfire of this brewing street war.

After taking the 15-minute drive, I pulled up outside the house, double parking like shit.

Climbing out, I slammed the door, leaning up against it while I surveyed the scene, waiting on Jak’s ass to pull up. I pulled out my phone, preparing myself to text Sky and tell her to get her ass the fuck outside, when this nigga came coasting up like everything was kosher, parking his car right behind me and getting out.

“When I walk the fuck out of there, light that bitch up.” Were the only words he said, by passing me and heading towards the house, and I smiled on the inside, hitting the button on my keys to pop my trunk to grab the revolver I kept there, before walking around to the side of the house, blending in with the scene. From where I was waiting, I’d be able to see when he hit the street, and then, it was every muthafucker for themselves.

Julian “Jak” Kingston

Spicy Saturday

With one hand behind my back, resting on the butt of my .380, I walked in this nigga Keyton’s party like I owned that shit. I didn’t give a fuck who saw me and wanted to report my whereabouts. I was here for my sisters, cause I considered Sky to be one, and for Shy to handle his business.

Scanning the crowd, I saw KG, Sky, and that big-headed assed girl that KG like to chill with off to the side dancing with each other, and I almost felt bad for breaking up their fun. Almost. I trusted my sister to be smart in situations but at the same time she had no idea how much danger she was in being at this party. Barreling my way over, I grabbed Cassidy’s arm gently, alerting her of my presence.

“Let’s go.” Was the only thing I said, looking at all three of them.

KG instantly threw on her little pouty face. “Jak!” She whined, folding her arms. “We’re not even doing anything.”

Sky decided to jump in as well. “Really Jak, you know I wouldn’t let her be in here wildin…”

One look from me silenced the both of them, and KG let out a heavy sigh, throwing a mini tantrum before grabbing big head’s hand and making her way to the exit with Sky in tow. We were almost out the door before Sky turned around on her heels, damn near bumping into my chest.

“I have to find King, I forgot he has my house keys and-“

I looked down at her, and she stopped talking, backing up for a second. I was pissed the fuck off that Meeze hadn’t bothered to tell me that my baby brother was also somewhere in this fucking party, and I was gonna check his ass for sure for fucking up. Handing Skyla my car keys, I gave them all a look that told their asses to get to the fucking car, while I turned to go and find King’s wild ass.

Shy wouldn’t make a move until he saw that I was clear from the house, so I wasn’t worried about shit going left. Unless Keys ass gave the order for some nigga to run up on me in this party while I was in it, shit should go just as smooth as I planned it to.

After searching high and low for this ignorant muthafucker, I was  starting to get irritated when I spied his yellow ass coming out of a bedroom with some chick in front of him, fixing at her hair.

Making a beeline for him, I yanked his ass by the back of his neck, applying tight pressure while directing his ass out of the party.

“What the fuck Julian!?” He snapped, calling me by my government name and pissing me off further, making me apply tighter pressure as he smacked at my hand.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied the shadow that was Shy dipping off into the house and I walked a little bit faster, letting go of King just as shots rang out.

That type of shit was an everyday occurrence when niggas had parties, so it wasn’t really than deep. Nothing really happened when parties got shot up, other than muthafuckers running for their lives.

People began pouring out of the party, and before I knew it Shy was back and damn near snatching Skyla out of where she was sitting in my car. Chuckling lightly, I made sure my brother, and my sister and the big-headed girl made it to their respective cars, before making my way back to my own.

On the way, I bypassed this brown skinned chick who was watching me like she was trying to read into my soul or some shit. Scowling at her, I kept it pushing, climbing in my car and pulling off.

Welcome to Washington Highlands.

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