About Sidni B

Born and raised in the 757 area of Virgina, Sidni B is a creative that wants nothing more than to leave her mark on the world through the art of story-telling and creating a place for people to escape. Her love for writing came at an early age, though for a number of years she was hesitant to open up and share her gift to the world. With a not so gentle push from her husband, she finally took the leap into the writing industry and hasn’t looked back since. Sidni’s goal is to touch as many readers as she can with her books, and to create a bond between her characters and readers.

Thanks to her older sister, she is a historical romance fanatic and hopes to branch out and tap into as many different genres as she can before retiring her pen. Her goal is to write for as long as she can while building meaningful and solid relationships in the writing industry that never falter. She’s published 19 books in the year that has passed since she stepped into the literary world and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.